No Labels Party Asks Justice Department to Investigate 'Conspiracy' to Block Ballot Efforts


The No Labels Party is being forgotten in the rush to nominate Donald Trump and Joe Biden. So it’s finding ever more ingenious ways to keep the party name in front of the voters.

It doesn’t have any candidates. It doesn’t have an agenda. It’s trying to raise $300 million but hasn’t figured out how to do it. 

No Labels is pretty much stuck until Super Tuesday when it says it will announce its intentions. How it’s going to choose a presidential candidate and a vice presidential candidate is unknown. But it claims that polls that show support for “political upheaval” means that it can get its candidate elected.

Is that true?

“The thing is the broken establishment in DC knows this appetite is out there, which is part of the reason they’re mobilizing so strongly to come after us,” Ryan Clancy, chief strategist for No Labels, told Fox News.

“We’ve said all along this is something we only want to do if we think there’s an opening, if we think a unity ticket can win, and if it’s a Trump-Biden rematch, we think those are the conditions where there’s the best opening,” he added.

It’s true. People are telling pollsters that they’re crazy for a third choice, at least until election day in November. Then, history has shown time and time again that most voters find their way home and vote for either the Democrat or Republican.

No Labels Party has said several times that if running its candidate would help Trump, it’s not interested in running someone to elect the former president. But do you really think the party is going to raise $300 million and not run a candidate? 

Meanwhile, the No Labels Party is asking the Biden Justice Department to look into a “conspiracy” involving states and Democratic-aligned organizations who are preventing the party from getting on the ballot.

The Hill:

During a press briefing Thursday, group leaders alleged a “brazen” attempt among mostly Democratic-aligned outside groups to curb its work to build popular support for a unity candidate in November.

“We have requested a formal investigation into the matter by the Department of Justice to get to the bottom of this once and for all and to determine if laws have been violated,” said Dan Webb, a No Labels volunteer and lawyer.

“There is a group of activists and operatives and party officials who have participated in alleged illegal conspiracy to use intimidation, harassment, and fear against representatives of No Labels, its donors, and its potential candidates,” he said. 

That’s the same complaint made by third parties since at least the Bull Moose Party in 1912. The electoral system is rigged because the Constitution allows states to develop their own procedures and eligibility requirements for a candidate to make it on the ballot. It’s a recipe for two-party dominance, and it will almost certainly remain that way for the foreseeable future.

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