Nikki Haley Slams 'Irresponsible' Republicans Killing Border Bill to 'Help Trump'


Former Governor and Republican presidential candidate Nikki Haley (R-SC) argued that Republicans are being “irresponsible” by killing the bipartisan border deal because it helps former President Donald Trump.

During an appearance on FNC’s “Your World,” Anchor Neil Cavuto asked Haley:

“You know, Donald Trump has famously said that Republicans should be ashamed of themselves. We’re going to have Senator Lankford with us shortly, who’s amazed at the response it’s getting and wondering if maybe that could be because Republicans, might feel that they’re in a better position not to have something like this, that it could help Joe Biden. It wouldn’t help them. How are you on this?”

Haley responded:

“There’s two things going on here, and we have to speak hard truths. First of all, everybody’s tired of a do-nothing Congress.”

“I mean, can they do anything Because we’ve seen nothing out of Republicans or Democrats,” she said.

“They have an inability to get anything done. The second thing is you can’t have Trump sitting there saying, don’t do anything until the election.”

“We have a completely open border. America is acting like it’s September 10th, and we better remember what September 12th felt like, because it only takes one person across that border to create a 9/11 moment,” Haley added.

“We need this fix now. We need congressional members to stay in D.C. and not leave until they figure this out. When I look at the border.”

She continued:

“They need to figure this out. They need to adjust it, amend it in any way that they can. And they should not leave D.C. until they get us a border bill.”

“And no, we are not waiting until the general election to do this. And it’s irresponsible to say that Congress has to wait until a general election, because Trump is worried that he’s going to lose.”

“There’s a lot of reasons we got to worry Trump’s going to lose, but you don’t sacrifice national security to do it.”

On Monday, Republicans slammed the ‘bipartisan’ deal on border policy legislation, which they noted gives another $60 billion to Ukraine and nothing for a border wall.

“I urge Congress to come together and swiftly pass this bipartisan agreement,” President Joe Biden said.

The bill, released on Sunday, titled the Emergency National Security Supplemental Appropriations Act, 2024, has already attracted anger from GOP Reps and Senators, who called it an ‘open border bill.’

Senator Rand Paul slammed the legislation, calling it “anti-American,” noting that the extra $60 billion has been allocated for Ukraine despite reports of “corrupt officials” embezzling $40 million was recently uncovered.

Republican Rep. Steve Scalise of Louisiana also blasted the Senate legislation, which includes a further $14 billion for Israel.

Scalise said:

“Here’s what the people pushing this ‘deal’ aren’t telling you: It accepts 5,000 illegal immigrants a day and gives automatic work permits to asylum recipients—a magnet for more illegal immigration.”

Kari Lake said the co-sponsor of the legislation, Senator Kyrsten Sinema, should run for office in Ukraine.

“And each year the Schumer-Sinema Border Bill legalizes nearly 2 million invaders who have breached our border during the Bidenvasion,” Lake said.

“This Bill is DOA. We the People will not sit idly by as crooked politicians make permanent these dangerous/deadly open borders.”

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