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Most of the testimony HB 1419 the other day was personal and about those poor teachers and those who think it’s ok to expose children to age-inappropriate materials. I could not attend the meeting, but here’s some enlightenment from someone who went through the “process” and the outcome.

My grandchildren are now in school. I own a farm and can probably educate many on sexual reproduction, but it doesn’t give me the right to educate other people’s children, animals, and sex.  Today, books in our schools are full of horrors such as bestiality and other vile topics beyond natural sexual experience. No wonder there’s so much violence, sexual confusion, and teen suicides. A generation ago none of these books were available, I know this, I volunteered in the schools. Two generations ago, when I was in school, they were not available either. I had access to the Unh Diamond library in high school. Back then, the librarians did not allow us to see or read books that were not age-appropriate. Fact. Now the schools are promoting them as “sex Ed,” self-help, therapy, and so on…yet professionals do not write the books in question.

My middle school granddaughter brought home a book called “It’s Perfectly Normal,” a sexually graphic book. That is what started me down this rabbit hole. She was appalled at the content, and it took a lot of explaining to undo the school’s mess. BTW, NO ONE is allowed in the Dover school libraries, no one! No one is allowed into the classrooms, either.

I first thought the schools were not aware of these books. Quite the opposite, they prided themselves on them. I started researching and found over 110 books, see attached link below, in Dover schools. Only books rated 3-5 are listed. The number is based on the movie rating system. For details see These are the worse, r-rated and up, not high schoolers making out or first time sex, they are filled with sex trafficking, pedophilia, rape, sodomy, oral sex, necrophilia, beastiality, pornography and many more horrors.

The school berated me for challenging and changed the rules from no limit to two books per year. I went through their process; it took a year for one book, Boy Toy, about a married female teacher who grooms a 12-year-old boy for sex. What message is the school sending children and teachers by keeping this fodder?

I was personally exposed to the local paper by the superintendent as a “book banner” and the town pariah and got threatening calls, and my small business was ruined. The book I challenged, Boy Toy, was put back by order of the school board after the useless challenge of people the school board chose to review the book!

My appeal went on deaf ears . Why and what exactly are the promotions of this material doing to children who read it?. I also found sex apps on the Chromebook and SORA that were ignored by the city.

I want to add, that many of my these books are written by adults to groom children and make a buck. The authors are enjoying a windfall for every “ban” or challenge. Dover purchased over a dozen copies of “Boy Toy” with tax payers monies! They couldn’t be bothered going to the library and reading the copies we already paid for. Then, the superintendent told tax players I was wasting their money by challenging them.

They also put Tricks, by Ellen Hopkins, back in the school library after a challenge. This book glorifies child sex trafficking. Boys and girls turning “tricks” for pedos with lots of drugs. The books on the list are not written by therapists to help children in need. This is important! These books are not self-help books or sex Ed anyone would want a child to read, nor would any qualified therapist use them as therapy for a crisis child…

I have eight books challenged out of 110. I received a letter from the superintendent I can only challenge 2. Frankly, I’m at a loss. My life was ruined by these people who are exposing children that are not their own to horrors adults can’t even process.

Link to list in Dover.

Las Vegas News Magazine

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