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On the steps of a court in downtown New York City, former President Donald Trump noted that the threat to the USA today is not from Russia or China or from the US political right. The threat is from the left. It is an internal threat from the US political left.

But what is the left? Who composes this group of people, and what do they represent?

By and large, they hide like wolves in sheep’s clothing. For starters, they have infested the Democrat Party. They are race baiters and woketards who think that by politicizing situations, it is both democratic and the best way forward. But who else is involved?

The left has infiltrated the military in the USA, NATO, and the UN intergovernmental organizations. They are people who are complicit and content with following a direction that secures their own positions while ruining many hundreds of thousands of their fellow citizens’ lives. They tend to live in upper middle class or wealthier positions, so they do not see the damage that they are doing to their own countries.

These people are surrounded by non-US citizens— often foreigners. Leaders from other countries. The wealthiest, most affluent from other countries. Those people typically think in a way aligned with prevailing globalist ideals, which currently are self-destructive and decidedly unhealthy. Their mentality is zero-sum— when they benefit, others lose. This is not necessarily how reality works, but these people are too naive to see otherwise. So, their decisions benefit themselves and hurt those they see as political opponents.

So, the left, as it is called, constitutes largely Democrat Party members and foreign-associated US citizens. Who do these people associate with? Mostly they are influenced by other people in the West— Europe mostly, eapexially Western Europe. These are the internationally-minded folks in Western Europe— France, Britain, Germany, Spain, and other countries. Do you think that they are acting in the best interests of the USA or in their own best interests?

Europeans see the USA and its people with disdain. US citizens are mostly rowdy, fat, and belligerent. US politicians are tools. European aristocrats use the USA to generate and maintain conflicts so that they can profit. Keep in mind that Europe is a very aristocratic place. That’s why the Puritans and others left to settle in the Americas—so they could build above the glass ceilings in Europe established by the bourgeoisie.

And what about others across the planet? Outside of Europe, few countries have respect anymore for the USA. Washington’s decades of international subterfuge, military escapades, and politicization have cost the USA dearly. China, Iran, Russia, and other countries are happy to see the USA in decline, especially if they can control that decline and profit from it, as is unfolding under the Biden junta.

It is possible for the US to recover, but the leftist political caste must thrown off. They benefit nobody except for themselves.

For the most part, leftists are obsessed with winning the favor of billionaires and supposedly exotic foreign governments. That means they are easily manipulated, and they are. It means they can be easily swayed to pursue agendas if they think it will be popular. The US left has fallen victim to devious political maneuvering. They have been psyched out. They are compromised.

This is why the drain the swamp campaign is so important. The US government is full of sycophants who think that attaining power occurs when they win the favor of the wealthy. In turn, this has led to their selling out their entire county to idiotic and moronic ideas.

It is time to abandon the US Left. Don’t feel sorry for them. They will recover. And maybe they’ll abandon their bad ideas and find better ones.


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