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I hereby offer my services as an expert witness to any proper court on the subject of false flags and, separately, on the subject of the withholding of evidence and the tampering with evidence by investigative agencies that work for the government.

My law degree is from Adelaide University, in 2011. The subject of my Ph.D. dissertation is the application of sociobiology to international law.

It has just occurred to me today to offer my expert witness service in any new alleged case of false flag, as I can claim experience in having dealt with a span of cases. I show how the standard scheme works by cover-up, by media falseness, and — sorry to say — by corrupt judges.

Here are three false-flag cases that I have deeply studied and written about at book length:

1. The Boston Marathon bombing of 2013. My book (recently renamed) “The Scandalously Unjust Trial of Jahar Tsarnaev” contains numerous pieces of solid evidence of the boy’s innocence. Moreover, I mounted a civil RICO case against the FBI and others for creating this criminal “enterprise.”

2. The hostage-taking scene by a so-called Muslim terrorist in a Sydney restaurant in 2014, in which two people died. My book “Inquest: Siege in Sydney” is based on my attendance at the inquest, which, at a superficial glance, was on the up and ups but which, once contradictions were found, turned out to be a great game of words.

3. That thing known as the Sandy Hook school massacre of 2012. My book “The Human Mind and Sandy Hook’s Unreality” dwells on the great difficulty of getting people to believe that a government narrative, or media narrative, is fictional. At least three judges must be aware of the dishonesty involved, but people are too scared to accept that.

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I have, in some cases, such as that of Troy Davis and of Nathan Wood, petitioned the court for a Writ of Error Coram Nobis to stop a wrongful execution, but no court has replied to me.

Additionally, my book, “Port Arthur: Enough Is Enough,” co-authored with Dee McLachlan, up-ends a 1996 conviction that had no merit whatsoever and for which the man is still in prison. And my book “Fraud Upon the Court” delves into various other cases.

This does not mean that I could walk into a new case — let’s say the Lewiston, Maine, shootings of November 2023 — and be knowledgeable about the particulars. I do not offer that service. I can only:

*show the general template of false flags (a subject on which James Perloff, Ole Dammegard, and the late Elias Davidsson have turned out great work),

* show that a stand-down by police is diagnostic and should be factored into a case as such.

*show how easy it is for court personnel to get around the law, the precedents, and rules of court procedure. (It’s a snap.),

*identify areas in which the new case is likely to have holes. Typically, where a killer has allegedly “turned the gun on himself,” there is a chance that he operated under hypnosis.

Wait — isn’t hypnosis too iffy a thing, or too “woo-woo,” to be brought up in legal argument? No, it isn’t. The CIA has spent billions of dollars to master a range of mind control techniques.

Wait — isn’t judicial corruption too sensitive a topic to be discussed in court? No, of course it isn’t. What is there to be embarrassed about when the powerful harm the powerless? It’s normal.

Wait — if a lot of falsely accused convicts are now proven to be innocent and will have the right to sue for malicious prosecution, won’t that cost a lot of money? My reply is “Shouldda thought of that before.”

Note: If my services as an expert witness are not usable, I can instead send an amicus curia brief to the court. The court is generally required to accept such a brief but is free to pay no attention to it. This happened with a 3-person amici brief that we sent to Judge George A O’Toole for the Boston Marathon case, and it was similarly overlooked — despite being crucial — by the First Circuit Court of Appeal and all nine justices of the US Supreme Court.

One more thing. I specifically offer my expert-witness services to matters arising from the Maui fires of August 8, 2023, and matters connected to the threat of the release of mosquitos. In regard to the latter, my argument would refer to the false claim that Covid vaccinations are “safe and effective.” The same would probably apply to persons claiming that the mosquito release will be “safe and effective.” Only proper testing, not observation or speculation, can determine that. And the testing would have to measure its broader ecological effect, wouldn’t it?

The pay for my services? I will charge at cost for travel expenses and only $7.25 (the NH minimum wage) an hour for my testimony (unless the falsely accused defendant is filthy rich — but what falsely accused defendant is filthy rich?). My aforementioned books are freely available for your perusal at my campaign website,

Speaking of “campaign,” if things take a drastic turn at the NH polls next Tuesday, I may not need to pound the pavement after all!


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