Night Cap: Employee Beware! – The Hackers Have Got To Be Singing “Pennies From Heaven”! – JP


Whether you know it or not, it is becoming common for Employers to keep ALL of your most important identifying information in the cloud! That’s right—not just your name, address, email, and phone number but also your birth date and social security number.

There are payroll services that claim to be very secure, where employees can enter all of these vital identifiers into their online payroll systems.  Here’s one of the systems.

I say, walk away.

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This disastrous practice will probably lead to the recommendation of something more sinister than CBDC…. biometrics, for our own good, you understand finger & palm prints, iris scanning, and voice recognition.  We are being herded, like cattle, up the ramp that will deliver us to the slaughterhouse!

People, it is going to take the guts to say “no.”  It is going to take facing the uncertainty that “no” will bring.  But, the certainty that awaits if we don’t is a complete loss of freedom.  There is not much more that I can say about this, except there is plenty of evidence of very successful hacking.

Since our legislative session is wrapping up, I doubt we can create legal protections this year, but please let me know how many of you think this needs to stop and that we need laws that protect our identifying information.

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