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With a sick smirk on his face, Chuck Schumer addressed the press today and spilled the Democrat plan for the Border. He mocked the 60 Representatives whom Speaker of the House Mike Johnson led to the Southern Border to get a firsthand account of the situation.

Schumer snickered as he said it was nice to visit the Border, but if they really wanted to make a difference, they would be in D.C. working with Democrats on legislation to solve the border crisis. That statement sounds great and is encouraging until you realize he is not discussing our Border. What Chuck wants to get done is a comprehensive bill to address the Israel, Ukraine, and Taiwan Borders and to allocate billions of dollars in aid for Israel and Ukraine. Chuck has no interest in our Southern Border. No wonder he was smirking and snickering. He was looking into the eyes of Americans and lying to them. It was shameful for anyone but deplorable for the Senate Leader.

Karine Jeanne-Pierre rambled today in the White House Briefing that Republicans are solely to blame for the crisis at our Southern Border. If Republicans would pass the Immigration Reform written by Democrats, DHS would have the resources to solve the problem. Again, it sounds good until you dig in and realize what solving the Border means to Democrats.

The solution means lots of money. Not money to build a wall or put troops on the Border to keep people out. No, it means money for an infrastructure that will allow more people to cross the Border and be processed more quickly. It means more judges on the Border to cut down on the 7-year wait to have an asylum claim heard. If Democrats had their way, the judges would approve asylum, grant them citizenship, register them to vote, and have them sign a preselected Democrat mail-in ballot for 2024.

The sleight of hand aside, there is no compromise on the Border situation. Republicans want the Border closed and secure. The Democrats want it open and a fast track to citizenship for illegals. Those two beliefs are on opposite sides of the mountain. Joe Biden can say he needs more money to secure the Border. Lie. KJP blames the Border Crisis on the Republican House because they are blocking all of Biden’s efforts. Nice try…..Lie. Schumer says the Republicans must return to D.C. to negotiate a bill to solve the Crisis. Smokescreen……Lie. Mayorkas keeps saying the Border is secure. Stupidity…….Lie.

The House passed H.R. 2 last year, and Chuck Schumer will not bring it to the floor for debate. Who is obstructing? KJP says the Republicans do not want comprehensive Immigration Reform. KJP, have you read H.R. 2? I didn’t think so.

The Democrats are concerned about the Border, just not ours. They want American dollars to be sent to Israel, Ukraine, and Taiwan to secure their Borders, but they want our Border open 24/7. The Border is a colossal scam perpetrated by the Democrat Party and the help of the mainstream media to con the American people. It is working, but the walls are crashing in on this play. With 4 million illegals a year, America cannot withstand the assault. Like the Pandemic, the illegal flow has spread to every state, and Americans have had enough. This legacy, along with Bidenomics, will topple Biden and prevent him from a second term.


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