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“Bidenomics is working!”

At least that’s what Joe Biden and his administration tell us every chance they get, citing cherry-picked statistics to prove their point. They tout the most recent inflation figure of 3.4 percent and compare it to last year, when the inflation rate was a crippling 6.5 percent.

That sure makes it look like Bidenomics is working. That is until you look at the rate of inflation just before Biden took office. In 2020, it was 1.4 percent.

They tell us that last year, gas prices averaged $3.70 a gallon. Now, they average $3.05. That sounds pretty good, but they never mention that in 2020, around the time they took office, gas prices were at $1.74 per gallon.

The reality is that Bidenomics is an abysmal failure, and most people know it.

Joe Biden seems guided by a four-point strategy – something he probably picked up during his 50 years in the Washington swamp:

  1. If it’s not broken, break it.
  2. Blame your predecessor for the problem you created.
  3. Apply political spin to make things appear better than they are.
  4. Credit your policies for any perceived improvement.

Of course, failed politicians always try to make their disastrous policies look more appealing. They gussy them up with carefully chosen statistics, distorted truths, semantics, and sometimes audacious lies. In politics, it’s often said they’re trying to put lipstick on a pig (PLOP).

This administration has used that same strategy to spin the critical situation on our southern border. No one can PLOP better than DHS Secretary Mayorkas. He thought that calling it a “challenge” would help eliminate any concerns the public may have about the utter chaos caused by Biden’s policies. “Chaos” has such negative overtones, after all. Coupled with the brazen lie that “the border is secure,” Mayorkas did everything he could – not to solve the problem, but to make it look better than it actually is. He’s now facing impeachment for repeating that very same lie to Congress.

He’s not the only one in this administration who tries to put lipstick on a pig. Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm and Pete Buttigieg, Secretary of Transportation, put together a silly propaganda video touting the marvels of electric vehicles. That was before nearly 4,000 car dealers wrote to Joe Biden expressing deep concerns about the lack of demand for EVs. Now, Hertz announced that it will replace 20,000 electric cars with gas-powered vehicles.

It all suggests that the people on Biden’s team were selected based on two criteria: their minority status and their willingness to PLOP on demand.

Bill Clinton famously said, “I feel your pain.” These people don’t even pretend to feel it. But they do know how to inflict it. And they seem utterly unfazed by the hardships they’ve created in our economy, on our border, on our streets, and in the world. They’ve shown no interest whatsoever in fixing any of these problems. Maybe the best they can do is try to make them appear less disastrous.

Biden’s dismal approval numbers tell us that most voters have caught on to his four-point strategy. We’ll know soon enough if the country is finally finished with the deception, diversion, and dishonesty. Maybe they’re ready to elect a president – any president – whose policies don’t have to be embellished, adorned, decorated, or disguised just to make them seem more palatable. Maybe the agenda of our next president will actually benefit the American people.

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