NGO Monitor Smears Pro-Palestine Students as Linked to Terrorists


Last Updated on May 8, 2024

NGO Monitor is making its rounds again — this time attempting to smear pro-Palestine groups by linking them to designated terrorist organizations.

In a press release published today, the Jerusalem-based nonprofit asserted that the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine (PFLP) and its subsidiary Samidoun are participating in protests across American college campuses.

According to the presser, PFLP played a part in the Oct. 7 attack against Israel and is a designated terrorist group by the US, Canada, the EU and Israel. NGO Monitor alleges that “Students have been documented while carrying PFLP posters, flying the PFLP flag, hosting PFLP-link speakers, and reading PFLP publications.”

Student holds a poster of former Secretary-General Ahmad Sa’adat of the PFLP.

It also noted that PFLP issued a statement in support of pro-Palestine collegiate protesters:

We in the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine, along with all our people, the honorable of our nation and the world, confirm our steadfast support for the struggle of the students youth movements, Students for Justice in Palestine (SJP) and the Palestinian Youth Movement (PYM) at universities such as Columbia, Rutgers, Yale, Stanford, among others. We call for enhancing the unity of students and their struggle to divest American universities from the zionist entity and cut all forms of relations with it.

Since Students for Justice in Palestine (SJP) and Palestinian Youth Movement (PYM) are mentioned in PFLP’s statement, they are drawn into the loop as “terrorist-adjacent.”

Still, NGO Monitor places much of the blame on Samidoun for the “antisemitic and pro-terror incitement on campuses.”

Samidoun’s logo can be seen on posters promoting the PFLP, and its officials have preached ‘resistance’ (code for terrorism) at campus events. Samidoun, for which the Alliance for Global Justice serves as fiscal sponsor, does not publish financial information, reflecting a lack of transparency and accountability.

Black Lives Matter “Resist” Fist seen across college campuses and never deemed to have ties to terrorism.

It is just remarkable here that “resistance” is considered a “code for terrorism” by this Israeli organization. “Resist” has been a keyword floating around college campuses for decades upon decades. But now that the target has shifted from war, capitalism and white supremacy to Jewish nationalism, it is a major problem.

It is easy to clear with clairvoyance the stark difference with how these protests are being handled — and again — it purely has to do with the target. From here, a lot of assumptions can be made and actually make the situation for Jewish people even worse. US politicians fail to acknowledge that, as do these nonprofits that allegedly advocate for them. NGO Monitor attempting to connect college groups to designated terror groups will likely exacerbate the situation.

It still presses claiming it has identified “a broad network of Palestinian NGOs” asserting “to advance human rights or humanitarian interests” … and “have links to the PFLP terror group.”

The government has relied on NGO Monitor in combatting the pro-Palestine protests, and now the Jerusalem-based “research institute” is looking to deadname American college students, putting them on some watch list.

Much of the press release is conjecture and not empirically based, though. The Anti-Defamation League (ADL) has also played a significant role in NGO Monitor work, according to the presser.

The Israeli watchdog bases its knowledge on secondhand information by aggregating photos and clips. As for the evidence, it all appears authentic, but a bunch of “tweens” parading around for a social justice cause and using poor optics isn’t something new. It is doubtful they even know about PFLP or Samidoun. If any, the source of their information probably comes from one of their BIPOC LGBTQ+ social sciences professors.

Israeli-Backed ‘NGO Monitor’ Tracks Pro-Palestine College Groups

US legislators have already taken action against the students and even tried tackling defunding these participant-colleges. Still, that does not target the source of NGO Monitor’s problems — the Marxist professors who linger on these campuses protected by teacher unions. However, NGO Monitor does very well at tracking the funding but skews its dissenters as extremists.

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