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The beauty of a blatantly biased government-funded project like NewsGuard is that we can measure how much we can trust any news source they’ve audited by reversing what the scores mean.  The closer you get to zero, the more likely the content is not controlled by or at least aping the uniparty line.

As we near 100, the scope of their collaboration – deliberate or accidental becomes as clear as Vodka.

“…organizations that receive a perfect 100 from NewsGuard include The New York TimesThe Washington PostNBC NewsPoliticoThe New YorkerTIMEYahoo! NewsThe GuardianThe Economist and USA Today — all rated Lean Left or Left by AllSides.”

Every one of them has been fingered in numerous acts of journalistic fraud long before the COVID lies began, and that’s the keystone. If you fail to toe the Medical Industrial Complex narrative on SARS CoV2- even today, NewsGuard will doc you on their ratings. The higher your score, the more often you spread government, UN, CDC, FDA, and WHO lies about masks, distancing, lockdowns, early treatment, why affordable drugs were blacklisted or prohibited (as in some states), or – the big one, the “vaccines.”

NewsGuard has provided us with an easy filter for unbalanced reporting that favored what amounted to State-sanctioned medical misinformation and disinformation—a canary in a coal mine.

So, NewsGuard is good for something.

GraniteGrok got a 37.5, which is not the lowest possible score, but it’s close. We got some credit for disclosing ownership, handling the differences between news and opinion responsibly, clearly labeling advertising, ensuring readers know about potential conflicts of interest, and including names and bios of authors. We got dinged for spreading misinformation (about vaccines and COVID, believe it or not), and they didn’t like how we addressed errors in articles.

We do issue corrections when necessary, but that’s unusually rare. If you’re talking about opinions, well, explain how you got your own opinion wrong, to which our response is – we let everyone work it out in comments. NewsGuard didn’t like that, but why would they? Many in the media stopped allowing comments because they can’t afford a moderator, and now they are firing everyone else. Staff are being let loose across the information landscape from papers to magazines to television.

Could it be because of their ridiculously high NewsGuard ratings? And that’s your homework assignment. If you can find NewsGuard ratings on local media, share them with us so we can educate the public on who is working at working toward the truth, no matter how messy that can be, and who is pandering to the political messaging of the uniparty.


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