New CNN CEO may axe Anderson Cooper, Wolf Blitzer, Jake Tapper amid ratings slump: report


CNN stars may be losing their jobs amid a network shakeup, new leadership, and decreasing budgets. The network’s new CEO, Mark Thomson, is reportedly planning on making big cuts to try to deal with plunging ratings and as a result, the biggest salaried on-air talents, such as Anderson Cooper, Chris Wallace, Wolf Blitzer and Jake Tapper could be out of work.

A source told In Touch that “Anderson knows he’s on the chopping block because he makes a whopping $20 million a year. He’s already started looking for a new gig! Chris Wallace takes $8 million and figures he’s a likely target, too!”

The end of 2023 saw the lowest ratings at CNN since 2014. Even worse, young viewers appear to have no use for the network, with the 25-54 age group getting their news and information elsewhere. “CNN is trying to keep up with the news landscape and become a digital-first provider,” In Touch learned from another source. 

Blitzer pulls in $15 million and Tapper makes $8 million. “Everybody knows the focus is on cutting costs,” the source went on. The contracts for these heavy-hitters aren’t up until post election, but after that, the source said, anything is possible. 

Tapper contradicted the reports via spokesperson, but CNN This Morning hosts Poppy Harlow and Phil Mattingly were just removed and production offices have been consolidated to Atlanta. As Thomson makes changes, he may be leaning into talent that have made their names outside of the traditional news structure, such as Megyn Kelly who has a major YouTube channel. 

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