NBC News: White House 'Accelerating Plans' to Hit Republicans for Tanking Border Bill


The bipartisan Senate Ukraine aid bill that also allocated a few bucks to secure the border is dead after a 49-50 vote. It was a terrible bill that still allowed the flow of thousands of illegal immigrants a day into the country. It also included the provision that President Joe Biden could cancel the emergency at will.

It’s blindingly obvious that the mainstream media, which has ignored the border for three years, has taken up the narrative that the GOP voted against a bill that would have “closed” the border. NBC News is reporting that even the White House is “accelerating plans” to criticize Republicans for sinking the bipartisan bill hammered out by Sens. James Lankford and Chuck Schumer.

Sahil Kapur, Julie Tsirkin, Frank Thorp V, and Summer Concepcion (yes, four reporters) write:

President Joe Biden would have preferred to sign a bipartisan border bill despite criticism from his left and right flanks, seeing it as an imperfect solution to the immigration crisis.

But with the compromise bill falling apart before it even hit the Senate floor, Biden advisers say they may have the next best thing: a political cudgel to allow him finally to go on offense on what has been one of his biggest political vulnerabilities.

“This ends one of two ways. One, the strongest border legislation in decades passes and everyone wins — most importantly, the American people. Or two, MAGA Republicans kill this breakthrough for expressly political reasons … in which case, the American people lose and the Republicans who opposed it get blasted every time they say ‘border’ for years,” one adviser said.


MAGA Republicans. It was such a bad bill that Biden, who’s done nothing for three years to stop the invasion at the border, says he would have signed it immediately — in between filing lawsuits against Texas for defending its own border. NBC News says Biden might even bring up the bill in his State of the Union address.

Biden wouldn’t even have considered the border provisions — he just wanted another $60 billion for Ukraine.

Three times as much.

They really think people are going to buy this when Biden undid everything President Trump did to secure the border on Day 1 of his presidency and then sat back for three years doing nothing but facilitating illegal crossings. But suddenly the Republicans are at fault? No.


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