NBC Host Freaks Out When House Rep. Refuses to Rubber-Stamp Biden Election Victory 'No Matter What'


This is too good.

NBC host Kristen Welker on the network’s Sunday morning show “Meet the Depressed” became apoplectic when Trump-supporting House Republican Rep. Elise Stefanik (NY) refused to rubber-stamp the 2024 election certification “no matter what.”

Kristin Welker confronted Stefanik with her loaded question.

“Will you vote to certify the results of 2024 election, no matter what they show?” Welker asked.

“We will see if that is legal and valid election,” Stefanik retorted. “Democrats are so desperate that they are trying to remove President Trump from the ballot and that’s the suppression of the American people.”

Here is the full transcript of the exchange:

WELKER: Would you vote to certify and will you vote to certify the results of the 2024 election no matter what they show?

STEFANIK: Well, I voted not to certify the state of Pennsylvania because as we saw in Pennsylvania and other states across the country, that there was unconstitutional acts circumventing the state legislature and unilaterally changing election law.

WELKER: What about 2024 Congress?

STEFANIK: We’ll see if this is a legal and valid election. What we’re seeing so far is that Democrats are so desperate they’re trying to remove President Trump from the ballot. That is the suppression of the American people and the Supreme Court is taking that case up in February. That should be a nine to zero to allow President Trump to appear on the ballot because that’s the American people’s decision to make this November.

WELKER: And the matter’s, of course, halted, pending that appeal as you say. But just to be very clear, I don’t hear you committed to certifying the election results. Will you only commit to certify the results if former President Trump wins? [Crosstalk]

STEFANIK: No. It means if they are constitutional, what we saw in 2020 was unconstitutional circumventing of the Constitution, not going through state legislatures. When it comes to changing election law, and we’re seeing this in my home state of New York, Kristen, we are seeing Democrats try to steal the election and illegally gerrymander congressional districts that we fairly won and are line. So I see this at a very local level as well as the unconstitutional overreach we saw at the national level in 2020.

This was an outstanding response to a disingenuous line of question: What is the point of certifying an election if literally anything will be automatically certified?

It’s a question that seems to boggle many Democrat-supporters’ minds.


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