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Soon, all states may be writing bills directed against their own citizens who work for free and fair elections.

This past week in Tallahassee, the FL House passed HB721/SB562, which will give unconstitutional powers to election workers in the field. They will have the final word as to when, where and why a citizen can be charged with harassment. Something as simple as asking hard questions, or sitting in the wrong place can be cause for charges. This should scare off a lot of innocent people, and free up the criminal election manipulators to do their thing without fear of being caught. That is their goal, of course.

Every state already has constitutional laws on the books, which define and deal with real harassment. It is up to law enforcement and the courts to determine who might be guilty of what, and IF what was done might break the law. The decision must never be left up to a protected class of people outside our legal framework.

Despite the fact that no one in Florida has ever been charged with harassment of an election official, the legislation continues, and is now in the Florida Senate.

This is blatantly unconstitutional. It’s really sick to have to remind your “elected representatives” of that fact. In their proposed bill, the election worker makes the decision on the spot, accuses the citizen, then calls for the police to apprehend. In a free country, law enforcement and the courts make the decision according to state law already on the books.

But don’t be too hard on DeSantisville. Tallahassee is only joining in with what is being set up around the country by DAVID BECKER, the nemesis of free and fair elections. Soon there will be harassment bills in many states. Becker’s group, the Election Official Legal Defense Network (EOLDN) is lobbying for similar legislation in states all over the country. In Florida, EOLDN had Ramba, a consulting group associated with the new Chair of the RPOF, Evan Power, to help. Mr. Power, as it turns out, was a delegate to the Republican National Convention twice, and was elected to the rules committee. He knows the ropes, apparently.

You’ve heard Becker’s name in conjunction with his baby, ERIC, the Electronic Registration Information center. Originally ERIC membership was sold to the states as a voter roll maintenance system,l which freed Secretaries of States of the job of maintaining their own rolls. Freed them for WHAT, I ask?It certainly wasn’t election security matters, or checking citizenship of applicants , or any of those other inconvenient nasties. NO, it freed them to pontificate and shovel the bunk.

As it turned out, the ERIC system mandated only registration NOT clean up.

The ERIC landing page was changed 6 or 7 times that I know of, as their scam caught public attention. If you were to look ERIC up today, you would see that they DO mandate the cleaning of the rolls. Well, do tell. I happen to know better because I have a nasty little habit of printing things out before they can be taken down or altered. No tin foil hats required. Just the facts.

In truth, then, Florida DID put ERIC to use when they were members. (more on the sham resignations coming up net article.) They stuffed voter rolls over statistical possibility, and changed zip codes, street names, etc. for obtaining extra mail-in ballots. Cord got his money’s worth.

Every ERIC member state has registered millions of phantom voters at non-existent addresses, all of whom are ready to vote however the “election professionals” choose – all at a cost of millions to the taxpayers who are being cheated. And, here you thought you were choosing for whom to vote. Silly person…this isn’t America anymore if you look at what’s loose in our government today.

Becker’s idea for the harassment scam kicked in, in the aftermath of the 2020 Wisconsin elections, where citizens and members of government alike were shocked and appalled at the obvious fraud they witnessed. See the report by former WI Supreme Court Judge, Michael Gabelman, if you can. I’ve read it and it says a lot, but I cannot find the real thing online, to the surprise of no one. Guess I should have printed it.

Using “ZuckBucks”, Becker formed the Election Official Legal Defense Network (EOLDN) to protect those poor crooked people, at whom the citizens of Wisconsin were rightfully upset. At the time, I thought, “are you even kidding??” I have since learned that Becker is a laser-sighted enemy of our Constitutional rights. he never jokes around on his road to destroying our country. He doesn’t do “kidding”.

With the organization of EOLDN began carefully engineered public rage about the harassment of election officials, which continues to this day. American elections were once peaceful one-day events. The votes were counted, and the winners known by evening. Enter the Globalists and our elections have never been the same.

A network of state election officials who have signed on in support of David Becker – including Florida’s SOE of Lake County, Alan Hayes – are at the heart of it all. They sent him a special letter of approval, outlining his wonderful conservative values. Each signator is an SOS or other election official from states with the worst of the fraud – AZ, PA, CO, GA, CA…AND FLORIDA. Interesting, no? They openly support Becker’s actions, EOLDN, ERIC and all. By so doing, each has proven their open contempt of their citizens and our body of Constitutional law.

Alan Hayes, FL, is one of those Becker supporters who signed the love letter along with Brad Raffensberger (GA) and Bill Gates (AZ). Hayes was in the FL legislature from 2004 – 2016. While in Tallahassee, Hayes wrote a bill giving public schools the final choice in instructional materials…in care parents were wondering how they’d lost their say in things. By way of introduction.

It is the hope of David Becker, and his minions like Hayes and Raffensberger, that soon, anyone trying to question election systems or results will be either scared away or jailed. In Florida, and soon other stated around the nation, constitutional law will be damned. The “election worker class” will be elevated to judge and jury.

This does answer my recent question of, “where’s DeSantis in all this?” He appears to be in complete concurrence. A constitutional governor in a good red state would have been out in front of this before it hit the news.

It is looking like the Globalists sent him home so he could quietly sign bills like this. They knew he was a loser on the national stage, but thought they could get their use out of him by doing things like this.

Destroying election integrity in the state with 11% of the country’s Electoral College vote was DeGov’s best (lowest) use. Personally, I hope he’s a big a flop at this as he is everything else.

Remember when DeTotalitarian left the state for his miserable campaign effort, he’s just signed into law, a bill making voting machines mandatory, and any citizen audits or canvassing against the law? This is the companion effort.

Florida’s citizens had requested a reliable way to secure their vote, and included the request for permission to hand count in some precincts or situations. Yeah. THAT would have led to more integrity, which is quite obviously NOT in DeActor’s script.

As difficult it was to discover that the Florida Legislature has a bill pending which could jail citizens who are looking into election integrity, it is now far worse. This unconstitutional movement is countrywide. As I’d told you about it last week, I’d opined that the good red state might be turning blue. I missed the mark…it is much of our country, via stolen elections.

Now, we know it is true, and who supports it. We also know who does NOT support us and our freedom.

More, soon.

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