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Narwal’s three new floor cleaning solutions are more efficient and capable than any robot vacuum we’ve seen before. World’s first innovations offer tangle-free vacuuming, smart mopping, and advanced security, resulting in a convenient and capable multi-surface floor cleaning solution.The flagship Narwal Freo X Ultra is a familiar looking circular robot vacuum at first glance. Look a little closer and you’ll identify the camera-free sensor array, scrubbing brushes for mopping, and the clean and durable design of this capable floor cleaner.Edgar Cervantes / Android AuthorityBacked by Narwal’s DirtSense technology, the Freo X Ultra will dynamically navigate through your home, spending more time on particularly dirty spots, and less time on your cleaner floors. Multi-surface identification ensures that your carpets get vacuumed, dry debris on hard floors is swept up and only your approved hard floors are mopped.
See Narwal’s official CES page here.After accurately mapping your floor layout using LiDAR SLAM 4.0 technology, identifying different floor types, you may edit and custom control how the Freo X Ultra cleans your home. You may choose to only vacuum carpets today, then only mop a specific room or area tomorrow. The default experience will self-manage your entire space. The bot can vacuum and mop simultaneously, using a sensor to self-identify wood floors from tiles floors, carpets from rugs, avoid falls down stairs, and more.Tri-laser sensors assist in obstacle avoidance, able to identify and safely avoid contact with small and large objects alike.Edgar Cervantes / Android AuthorityThe exceptional value of the Freo X Ultra comes from the base station. Not only a safe place to park and charge the robot when not in use, it contains water containers for clean water, discard water, and detergent, automatically cleaning the two triangular-shaped scrub brushes on the robot, refreshing the mop heads for another round of floor scrubbing.
Related reading: Best robot vacuumsJonathan Feist / Android AuthorityThe base station has a touch panel for direct control of the Freo X Ultra, but you can unlock the full functionality using the mobile application.Store up to four unique maps within the app, allowing you to operate on multiple floors of your home. We’ve opted to set up separate analyzed maps for when our furniture and rugs are in place, and when we’ve moved those items to the side for a full floor cleaning. Best of all, if we run the robot on the full-cleaning map, the obstacle avoidance and floor-type sensor is able to properly clean the floors accounting for the obstacles.At any time, you may highlight a specific room or a smaller area of your map for immediate cleaning. Specify if you’d like to vacuum, mop, or both.Edgar Cervantes / Android AuthorityUnder the hood, the Freo X Ultra offers up to 8,200 Pa of suction. This enables the vacuum to pick up nearly any type of debris typically found on your floors. Clean up spilled crumbs with confidence, even heavy objects such as marbles are no match for the Freo suction system. For any of you with hair on your floors, have no fear, the brand new Zero-tangling Floating Brush is here to the rescue.Edgar Cervantes / Android AuthorityNarwal has smartly created a roller brush that offers two key anti-tangle features. First, it is made with rubberized fins that extend a little further than the bristles of the brush. This allows hair to wrap around the brush without getting caught in the bristles. A conical shape encourages the hair to roll to one side, where the second key feature presents itself. The roller connects on just one side, allowing the hair to simply slide off of the free-floating end and into the vacuum chamber. This works for long human hair and short animal hair alike.The best part of the vacuum system is the hepa filter-protected compression system. After your floors have been cleaned, the vacuum will use high-flow air to push all of the debris to one side of either the collection bin or new collection bags. Both storage solutions offer 1L of capacity. This greatly increases the time before you have to empty. This is a totally clean process, thanks to both the hep filter, and the ability to simply toss the bag. Narwal expects you’ll get about 7 weeks before you need to empty, with is about the time you should be replacing the hepa filter as well. The result is also a dust-free experience.When you choose to mop the floors, Freo X Ultra intelligently analysis the floor material. It does not want to accidentally mop carpets, and it can be set to use different moisture and pressure levels based on the floor type. Perhaps you want to scrub your tile, but only lightly mop your hard woods, the options is yours.Edgar Cervantes / Android AuthorityAfter mopping, the Freo X Ultra returns to the Self-Cleaning Base Station. This is your charging station, and, as the name implies, it cleans both the brushes on the robot and the cleaning elements of the base station. DirtSense technology will continue to work on the systems until they are completely clean.Jonathan Feist / Android AuthorityYou can set the amount of floor coverage to complete between cleanings, but the robot will automatically identify dirty spots that require extra scrubbing. The likelihood of missed spots on your floor is further reduced with the offset-triangular design, which ensures that the brushes do not lose contact in the middles, as some circular brushes will do.All of these operations must be fairly noisy, right? Luckily, the folks at Narwal wanted you to experience the least amount of disruption to your life possible. The Freo X Ultra is one of the quietest robot vacuums around. Some self-cleaning operations make a fair amount of noise, but the base operation while cleaning your floors measure barely over 50dB.Take a closer look at this new, powerful, robot floor cleaning solution
Narwal Freo X PlusJonathan Feist / Android AuthorityIf you are not looking for the full base-station enabled experience, the new Freo X Plus is nearly as capable as the Freo X Ultra, but does not come with the Self-Cleaning Base Station. This robot vacuum offers the same tangle-free experience, and the nearly as capable navigational smarts to clean your home.
Narwal S10 PlusEdgar Cervantes / Android AuthorityIf an automated clean is not for you, check out the new S10 Plus stick vacuum and mop combo.This capable and comfortable hand-held stick vacuum includes the tangle-free roller, and mopping heads to scrub away stains, pick up wet messes, and vacuum dry debris into the compressing dust bin.Sensors are able to identify the floor surface you are cleaning, and the type of debris being cleaned. The S10 Plus also has a self-cleaning base station that uses DirtSense to maximize your cleaning efforts.Edgar Cervantes / Android AuthorityWhat’s so special about Narwal robot vacuums and mops? We believe the difference is in the passion behind the project. As pointed out by Narwal VP VJ, in seeking happiness, clean floors help your physical and mental health, and the ability to spend time with loved ones while a capable robot handles the cleaning can only be considered a benefit for humanity.The more time we spent with the team from Narwal at CES 2024, the more we realized they are truly passionate about the life-benefits their hardware can provide. Judging by how busy their booth seemed to be every day on the show floor, we suspect people are catching on, there’s a Narwal cleaning solution that is right for you.Stay tuned, the Freo X Ultra and Freo X Plus will launch in March 2024, and the S10 Plus is scheduled for April release.
Narwal Freo X UltraNarwal Freo X UltraSelf-cleaning • Accurate mapping and navigation • Efficient floor cleaningOur floors have never looked cleanerPowerful suction, anti-clog dirt channels and brushes, LiDAR and laser sensors, and a convenient self-cleaning base station make the Narwal Freo X Ultra one of the best robot vacuums we’ve seen for home users. Safe and efficient operation for wood, tile, carpet, and nearly every floor surface in between.

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