Nancy Pelosi Shows Her Hatred for Israel


Last week, seven humanitarian workers providing aid in Gaza were accidentally killed. Although it was a horrible tragedy, it was also an accident in the same way that three hostages were accidentally killed by the IDF in December. Ironically, the hypocrites who celebrated the mistakes of the IDF months ago are condemning Israel for the mistake this time. And no one is a bigger hypocrite than Nancy Pelosi, who has now signed on with the leftist extremists in Congress petitioning President Biden to withhold promised weapons transfers to Israel.

Her hypocrisy is astounding when you consider how silent Pelosi has been about the deaths of so many Israeli civilians.  It is sad when you examine her relative silence about the deaths in Afghanistan when U.S. aircraft accidentally killed 42 people in an airstrike on a Doctors Without Borders hospital in Kunduz. And her silence is deafening about “women’s rights” when you look at her non-response to the hostages taken by Hamas who have been raped multiple times.

Pelosi keeps demonstrating that increasing in age doesn’t necessarily mean increasing in either wisdom or integrity.  What has increased is only her willingness to pander to extremists in her party in order to gain more leverage for herself (or possibly, in this case, leverage for her friend from San Francisco, Gavin Newsom).

The idea of withholding weapons from Israel, especially while Biden has been so kind to Iran by giving them money, is foolish in the extreme.  Besides being intellectually dishonest, it is dangerous to America.

Israel is the only democracy in the Middle East, as well as the only true ally of the United States in the region. To turn our back on Israel is to deny two absolute truths. The first truth is one that I first heard expressed at a brunch with Sen. Marco Rubio. Given the longstanding alliance between the US and Israel, as well as the powerful lobbying presence that Israel has, the entire world looks to see how we treat Israel. Specifically, our allies all look to see if we are willing to betray Israel. For if our government is willing to betray an ally of over 75 years in her time of need, our other allies start to wonder when the U.S. will betray them. Allies like Japan, France, and England begin to wonder if their alliance with the United States might be ended at any point.  And in watching American behavior towards Israel, they start to look for other allies such as China or Russia. Betraying Israel guarantees the loss of other world alliances that the United States needs.

The foolishness of Pelosi demonstrates a complete ignorance of who and what Hamas is. Hamas, by its own definition, is an arm of the Muslim Brotherhood. This is an organization that says America is Satan, and is devoted to destroying the United States and establishing a worldwide Islamic theocracy. Hamas is dedicated to the “obliteration” of not only all Jews, but of America.

But Nancy Pelosi would rather see Hamas remain in power than support Israel if that can help her gain leverage with the far left in her party. She would rather create political alliances with leftist extremists that may lead to her and/or her friends consolidating power than protect the interests of the United States. Her signature on this petition to Biden is devoid of ethics or concern for this nation, and is another demonstration of her being the archetype of an evil politician who will do anything in her quest for power.

Pelosi’s action is not only dangerous to America, it shows her hatred for Israel, especially an Israel that is strong and cannot be bullied by her and her ilk. If she really cared about accidental deaths, she would have been proactive multiple times over the years when other accidental deaths occurred during war. Instead, she has consistently been silent when it might jeopardize the image of the Democratic Party. Let’s take a look at some of the many events that Pelosi was relatively quiet about: 5.5 million killed in Congo; 500,000 killed in Syria; 500,000 killed in Sudan; 400,000 killed in Yemen; 300,000 killed in Iraq. But with 20,000 killed in Gaza, in a war that Hamas began with the horrors on October 7, Nancy is suddenly up in arms and signing petitions to abandon America’s only ally in the region.

To quote a pundit on X, “No Jews, no news.” Pelosi, like many om the far left, doesn’t really care about humanitarian aid– unless there is a way of using it to castigate Israel.  If Nancy Pelosi really cared about the suffering of other human beings, she would have used her powerful voice to condemn the tragedies listed above.

But her powerful voice was always silent, until now.

Nancy Pelosi instead has demonstrated again, this time with the dangerous situation in Israel, that with her advancing age she just seeks more personal power.  

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