MSNBC Host Lets Robert De Niro Know He's Risking It All to Speak Out Against the Next Hitler


Ever since the Hamas attacks in Israel, we’ve seen a disturbing rise in antisemitic threats, protests and rioting, and yet the Left is still focusing any “the next Hitler” rhetoric on Donald Trump.

The TDS level here from actor Robert De Niro continues to be off the charts (via Grabien News’ Tom Elliott):

Host Stephanie Ruhle then reminded De Niro how stunning and brave he is for speaking out in a way that the vast majority of the industry in which he works completely agrees with: 

Here’s that full post:

NBC’s @SRuhle: “You have no upside in having this conversation, in speaking out against Donald Trump. You are making yourself a target. The interview will air and he will immediately find a reason to talk bad about you in public.” 

DE NIRO: “Yeah.”

RUHLE: “But you are choosing to use your platform to do so. What do you say to other celebrities who don’t want to alienate part of their fan base, don’t want to step in harm’s way, but they have similar megaphones that you do?”

There’s an entire wing of the Dem Party that’s pro-Hamas and antisemitic who the Biden campaign is afraid to anger but Trump’s the one who’s getting close to being the next Hitler?


We’re on schedule to again move from “the next Hitler” to “worse than Hitler,” and the reason is clear:

De Niro’s always getting praise for saying things to rooms full of people who all agree with him.


If Trump wins in November the meltdown will be one for the record books and will make 2016’s pale in comparison.

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