Migrant center has New Yorkers ‘fuming’ over surge in crime, scams: ‘This sh*t is out of control’


Illegal aliens behind Brooklyn high schoolers getting the boot were reportedly connected to a scourge of scams and crime as residents lamented, “This sh-t is out of control.”

When it comes to foreign nationals entering the United States illegally, it turns out beggars can be both choosers and takers according to the accounts of New Yorkers and police reports. The same freeloaders who’d fumed over getting pulled from a cushy hotel to be relocated to a temporary shelter at Floyd Bennet Field have been held responsible for a plague of shoplifting, panhandling, extortion and more.

Speaking with the New York Post, first-hand accounts came from locals that included retired NYPD officers and civic leaders.

“This sh-t is out of control,” a 20-year veteran cop told the newspaper. “That’s all these people do is rob and steal. They should feel lucky that they’re here, but they’re out there committing crimes. We don’t know anything about them. We don’t know what they’ve done in these other countries.”

Four arrests from December were highlighted by The Post since the shelter had opened in mid-November. Among them was a 25-year-old Venezuelan who was hauled in for allegedly choking and beating his girlfriend.

Additionally, 30-year-old Ecuadorian faced charges of menacing, assault, weapons possession, and endangering children after she allegedly waved a “small kitchen knife” at a man in front of her own kids while two other Venezuelans were also charged with assault; one for allegedly striking a man with a “slipper” and another for allegedly punching his father in the nose.

Far worse, another alien housed at the Randall’s Island tent city had reportedly been arrested for the alleged stabbing murder of a fellow illegal after the victim was said to have been talking to the suspect’s girlfriend.

Along with the arrests, John. B, another retired cop from the Bergen Beach neighborhood of Brooklyn, detailed a scam residents have reported where illegal aliens run out into traffic as cars stop at red lights to deliberately bump into the vehicles and extort drivers for sums as much as $500.

“They’re scaring people saying, ‘You just hit me, and I’m going to report it if you don’t give me the money,” he explained to the outlet as Bergen Beach Civic Association president Sal Calise said he nearly fell victim to the scam when he had to swerve to avoid an alien pedestrian, nearly hitting a parked car in the process.

“I looked back in my rear-view mirror, and he’s turning around laughing at the migrants sitting on the corner,” detailed Calise. “The [migrant] guys on the corner, they had all their phones in their hands like they’re ready to film. I thought, ‘This obviously is a setup.’”

Hardly oblivious to the crisis, New York City Mayor Eric Adams (D) was recently said to have been considering suggestions to impose a curfew at shelters. However, even that wouldn’t prevent the families from reportedly going door to door asking for handouts.

On top of that, security guards at the Kings Plaza shopping center told The Post how they’ve grown accustomed to looking the other way when shoplifters walk off with merchandise.

“Thieves will walk in an aisle where there’s not a lot of cameras to conceal [the pilfered items] and put it in their jacket and walk out,” one Target guard told the newspaper saying, “It’s always a family, a single mother with her kid who has a toy…I feel sympathy but that could be [a distraction tactic].”

Democrat Assemblywoman Jaime Williams, whose own child attends James Madison High School where the Floyd Bennet Field aliens were temporarily moved while students were made to utilize remote learning, expressed to The Post, “The city is taking a blind eye to all their actions. Every time we talk about the issues, it’s always excuses. But at the end of the day, the residents [in nearby neighborhoods] are the ones who are the benefactors of lawlessness.”

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