Microsoft and OpenAI Reportedly Partnering for $100B Data Center


Technology giants Microsoft and OpenAI have partnered up to build a data center worth approximately $100 billion, according to The Information.

The data center, which will be built in the US, also reportedly includes an artificial intelligence supercomputer named Stargate, which is slated to launch in 2028.

Sources told The Information that Microsoft will most likely finance the project – which is expected to be more expensive than some of the biggest existing data centers in the world – just a snapshot of the level of investment that will be required to deploy AI use cases in the coming years.

The project has reportedly been divided into five distinct phases, with Stargate being part of the fifth phase of development. Microsoft is also reportedly working on the creation of a smaller supercomputer that will likely release in 2026.

Microsoft and OpenAI have made no statements on this matter.

Las Vegas News Magazine

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