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As promised in Monday Memes, I have an overflow. My meme cup runneth over.  And yes there will be a Friday edition too.

Let the mayhem, mockery, and ridicule resume:


*** Warning, a few possibly off-color ones, in case tender eyes are about ***









Invasion rebranded as a “welcoming and good thing”.




Do I know Trump is not perfect?  Yes.  Do I have some doubts about him?  Honestly, yes.  But… what’s the alternative?  Short of selling everything and humping into the woods to live a very meager and subsistence life foraging and farming on the sly, and likely very early demise, what?  Either that, or open rebellion.  Neither of which I suspect I’d live long in – which, for me, is fine, but what about my kids?  No, better to at least TRY one more time and then – if being a woods-based partisan is my fate – at least I did everything I could first.








We didn’t keep it Ben.










Shut up and trust the priesthood experts.




You better understand this, and be ready for it.





But… but… but we’ve been assured by our intellectual and moral superiors there is no war on Christianity.  I weep at this.














Or your parents.  Or in general, anyone important to you.  It’s never too early to do a kindness, for in a moment it can become forever too late.

Short story: When I was in high school I was walking by the apartment building where a cousin lived.  A widower, always lonely now except for his cat, he was crushed when his cat escaped from the apartment and building.  I walked by thinking that I should stop in and say hello, but I figured that I’d do it next time.  Except there was no next time – he died that night.

I am forever haunted by that.




Links (some from me, some from my Jarhead friend):


Bayou Renaissance Man: Medication reserves: it’s not only about the tablets

Which reminds me to make my eye appointment.  And when I get the new glasses, to go to the local discount place and get a backup.

Requiem for a Culture, Part 6: The End of Reconciliation | Gates of Vienna

Excellent piece, and the whole series is good too.

Moonbattery Shutting Down Mis-/Disinformation in South Africa – Moonbattery

Wrongthink around the world.

Cureus | Increased Age-Adjusted Cancer Mortality After the Third mRNA-Lipid Nanoparticle Vaccine Dose During the COVID-19 Pandemic in Japan | Article

Slowly, slowly, the harm this is going is getting out.

“Oops!” Pfizer Apologizes For Illegally Pushing COVID Using Misleading Claims * * by M Winger

I’m surprised those at Pfizer haven’t been greeted by a mob bearing pitchforks and a rope by now.

I think this will happen as well.  As people understand the harm these Jabs have done they’ll go to lawyers, and be told “absolute immunity” from lawsuits.  Then they’ll go to their elected officials and be told the same thing.  And then, in talking with others, they’ll find out just how widespread the damages and injuries are.  Faced with an absolute inability to do anything within the legal, sooner or later they’ll conclude they need to go extra-legal.

Understand that I’m not encouraging this.  But when friends and family are injured and there’s no possible justice legally… sooner or later people will turn to the not-legal.

German Government Admits There Was No Pandemic – Global ResearchGlobal Research – Centre for Research on Globalization

CDC Admits Huge Wave of Deadly Covid Vax Injuries – Slay News

A Nation Without Honor – American Thinker

I’ve re-watched Reagan’s A TIME FOR CHOOSING speech several times lately.  Never mind renewed admiration for his commentary, and how still-relevant it all is, one line in particular sticks out in light of the above article:

“The nation which can prefer disgrace to danger is prepared for a master and deserves one”

— Alexander Hamilton


Toronto anti-Israel protest: Who was arrested and who not and more importantly what effect that has on Civilization and rule of law – Vlad Tepes (

It is our contention that police for the last decade at least across the West no longer enforce the law, which means there is no rule-of-law per se. But there is no anarchy or increased freedom either. What police do now, is manage the collapse of civilization in a controlled manner. A controlled demolition of the towers of civilization if you like, in order to make sure the transition to the authoritarian collectivist system now in place will not be too violent or face too much resistance.

World War III Is Now Inevitable – Here’s Why It Can’t Be Avoided –

You could say that WWIII has already started, at least in economic terms. I also highly doubt that the end game for the globalists is a worldwide nuclear exchange; why spend decades building a massive control grid only to vaporize it all in seconds? I do think the danger of kinetic warfare is skyrocketing and that US and European citizens will be directly affected. It will take a sizable resistance movement to change the path we are being forced to follow, and things will get much worse before they get better.


More German troops arrive near Russian border — RT World News

My belief is that Putin is well aware that he’s being put into a position where it’s “use ’em or lose ’em”.  And, alas for the world, he has the stones to use them.

Top 5 reasons the BALTIMORE BRIDGE destruction was likely an INSIDE JOB rather than an “accident” or “cyber attack” * * by Noah

Lara Logan did an interview on Redacted where she raised a great number of good points:

“The TRUTH is coming out in the Baltimore bridge cyber attack” Lara Logan | Redacted News (

Are European Intelligence Services Conspiring Against the Right? – AfD Member Petr Bystron Is their Latest Target | The Gateway Pundit | by Naomi Seibt

Yes.  The DS is global, and they want to crush rivals to their power.



I am not the only one agreeing with this diagnosis. – Gun Free Zone

The moment people feel voting is irrelevant will be the day we are done with this phase of the USA. After that, it will become a place where the Political Scum under the covering of legality will impose their will upon the Citizens as it was done in Venezuela with the consequences we all have seen.



You can’t help but be depressed that everything you’ve worked for over the last forty years could be “legally” stolen by those controlling the levers of our financial system in an instant. My first reaction was, how can they do this and expect to succeed. Wouldn’t the citizens across the world react violently and start hanging the culprits? And then I remembered how the masses reacted to being locked down, masked, forced to not earn a living, censored for questioning the government, arrested for swimming alone in the ocean, imprisoned for protesting a rigged election, and being coerced and threatened into getting jabbed with a toxic gene altering concoction which neither protected you from contracting, spreading or dying from the annual flu (sold and marketed as the greatest deadly pandemic in history).

America Is Hurtling Toward a Full Blown Hot Civil War – The Burning Platform

Especially when these folks are given weapons on the QT and told the native whites want to deport them:



Biden’s DOJ won’t hand over Hur transcript in Biden’s classified docs case to House Oversight Committee | The Post Millennial |


Islam: A Reminder – Liberty’s Torch (

Truth.  They’re here:

Screaming ‘Death to America’ in Dearborn | Frontpage Mag

More woe for Boeing: New whistleblower claims company’s 777 ad 787 Dreamliner jets are flawed and could become catastrophic saying he ‘literally saw people jumping on pieces of the airplane to get them to align’ | Daily Mail Online

It was a few years ago, I don’t recall where, that I read that America’s export portfolio reads almost like a third-world country.  Aside from crops / food products and raw minerals, America exports planes (and military).  More and more, knock out the Boeings from that list.  And not just them:

Bayou Renaissance Man: It’s not just Boeing…

I’m almost at the point where I’ll say there’s a deliberate attempt to destroy air travel.  “Almost”.

Moonbattery Democrats Move to Keep Bugs in Food Hidden – Moonbattery

So they don’t vote for it because it’s not in place yet?

I want to close with this over-the-top alarmism from a college paper I read:

We are underestimating the danger of Trump’s potential second term – Massachusetts Daily Collegian

Now, this echoes a link I had before:

Project 2025 and Republican Domination (

They’re utterly panicked that Trump, and MAGA Americans, might actually be organizing to fight back.  And speaking of fighting:

“Getting Close To Post Time” – Liberty’s Torch (

The New, Improved RNC Is Zeroing In on the Right Priorities – PJ Media





I remember once commenting, after I saw a video about women from Venezuela turning to this oldest profession, that these women – doctors, teachers, engineers – were forced to make ends meet by selling their ends for meetings.  So let me make this a NITZAKHON original quote:

As countries fall into Socialism, women will always be forced to make ends meet by selling meetings in their ends.

(c) 2024, NITZAKHON





An interesting article about Israel and the Arabs – the in-migrating Jews created the economic boom that drew in Arabs, who now claim to have been there forever:

Were the Arabs Indigenous to Mandatory Palestine? :: Middle East Quarterly (






Whenever someone says that the majority should rule, especially when they’re eager to do something to you, ask them – since slavery was once widely acknowledged as a norm, if the majority should still rule?  What about a group of men wanting a – ahem – sequential involuntary interlude with a woman?  Isn’t that majority rule as well?






I don’t fear going.  I fear how I go, and when I go.  But the actual thing?  No.





All together now:  “No matter how much you hate the enemedia, it isn’t enough”.





Irons in the Fire: Stability Privilege, full post (












Yes.  Exactly this.  And they won’t “get it” until very bad things happen to them personally.  And ONLY then.





Pick of the Post:



Which actually was the inspiration for this cartoon:



You MUST assimilate this to the core of your being: this is their faith.  This is a video describing materials from 1928.  Almost 100 years ago.  And tell me, as you watch the video, if you don’t see what they planned then being implemented now.



This is a multi-generational effort inspired by their belief they really can create Socialistopia.


Socialistopia - notice j


Know your enemy.  This is not an economic war.  It’s a religious war.  They TRULY BELIEVE they can create paradise on earth.




Palate cleansers:



I look back on some of the really, really, REALLY dumb things I’ve done and shudder.


I feel that one.




Come back on Friday for more memes.  Same meme time.  Same meme channel.







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