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In a win for the American people, U.S. Senate Republicans have abandoned the illegal-alien amnesty they called a border security bill.

The reason, GOP Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell said, is that House Republicans said it would never pass the House.

But killing the measure did more than deep-six language that would have imported more cheap foreign labor and given more than $2 billion to leftist open borders “refugee” groups.

It also delays more wasteful foreign aid to Ukraine and Israel, which would have amounted to almost $75 billion at a time when the U.S. national debt is now $34.2 trillion and counting.

Trump Blamed

Democrats are fuming about the failure, as is Traitor Joe Biden, who has orchestrated an illegal-alien invasion of the country that he can stop any time he wants.

Kentucky’s McConnnell said, “We had a very robust discussion about whether or not this product could ever become law, and it’s been made pretty clear to us by the speaker that it will not become lawn,” CNN reported.

GOP House Speaker Mike Johnson had said the bill would not come up for a vote, as did GOP Majority Leader Steve Scalise of Louisiana.

Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer accused Republicans of “quaking at the knees at the fear of Donald Trump,” CNN reported:

The New York Democrat accused GOP leader Mitch McConnell and the GOP conference of “a 180-degree reversal” and of “quaking at the knees at the fear of Donald Trump.”

“In our caucus room today, there was a lot of anger, frustration, deep disappointment in our Republican colleagues,” he added.

Sen. Chris Murphy of Connecticut, the top Democratic negotiator for the deal, blasted Republicans. “I know that it’s easy to lose your sense of outrage about politics,” he said, “but what has happened here over the last four months is outrageous,” adding that Republicans ”now oppose the very bill that they begged us to craft.”

New Hampshire’s Jeanne Shaheen said “shame on them” for not helping stop the fentanyl addiction and overdose-death crisis. But Biden can end those by militarizing the borders and using lethal force against drug traffickers.

Of course, the Biden presidential campaign blamed GOP rival Donald Trump.

“Donald Trump has directed MAGA Republicans to kill the toughest and fairest reforms to secure the border in decades because he thinks it will help him politically,” the campaign said, CNN reported.

And opponents of the bill, Biden said, are causing Palestinians in need of aid to suffer. Presumably, opponents are also helping Russia win its war against Ukraine because the measure included $60 billion for the corrupt regime of Volodomyr Zelensky.

What Was in the Bill?

As JP reported yesterday, the bill would have spent three times as much money to defend Ukraine’s border as it did to defend the southwest border of the United States. And all the $20 billion devoted to the border would not have secured it.

Senate Republicans had agreed that $2.33 billion should go to “refugee” assistance groups, a legal form of illegal-alien smuggling, because the illegals apply for “asylum” or “refugee” status.

As TNA has repeatedly reported, almost all asylum claims are bogus.

The bill would have permitted some 5,000 illegals to enter the country per day before the homeland security secretary declared an emergency, and gave that cabinet officer carte blanche to give asylum applicants work authorization. It even contained a blanket work authorization not only for approved asylum applicants but also their “fiance’s, fiancee’s, spouses and children.”

Johnson declared the bill dead on arrival in the House.

“We will not pass immigration legislation that further incentivizes illegal immigration, does not reform asylum and parole in a meaningful way, and empowers President Biden and his cabinet, the architects of this catastrophe” he wrote on X.

And as Johnson said on Meet the Press two days ago, Biden can stop the invasion he started.

Biden “opened the border,” Johnson correctly said:

We documented 64 specific actions that Joe Biden and his agencies have taken to create this catastrophe. They did it intentionally.…

The border has to be secured, and the president has the authority right now. He doesn’t need another act of Congress. He can do it right now. But he’s unwilling to do it.

For instance, Biden can stop “paroling” illegals into the United States en masse, one consequence of which was the release of a Somali terrorist whom Immigration and Customs Enforcement had to arrest in Minneapolis. Biden also released an MS-13 gang member who raped and murdered 20-year-old Kayla Hamilton. 

Biden can start detaining and deporting illegals as the law requires, and he can disable the smartphone app that invites illegals to apply for entry before they reach the border.

As well, Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas unilaterally decided that the “fact an individual is a removable noncitizen … should not alone be the basis of an enforcement action against them.” Mayorkas also decided not to deport illegal aliens with criminal convictions. 

Biden can reverse all those policies, as Johnson said, whenever he wants.

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