Matt Gaetz Demolishes Katy Tur's 'Propaganda' on Trump Trial With Very Funny Response


I think that the efforts by the Democrats and their acolytes in the media are just hysterical as they try to make former President Donald Trump look bad at his trial in the “hush money” case in Manhattan. 

You get things like this from MSNBC’s Katy Tur — which isn’t objective reporting and even White House correspondent Simon Ateba referred to her as the “propagandist-in-chief.” 

Tur referred to Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-FL) and Rep. Lauren Boebert (R-CO) being in attendance at the Trump trial. 

“And there was something about, I mean, it felt to me like a mean girl quality to their presence. They walk in stoic, stone-faced, but when they sat down, they looked around the room, they noticed George Conway. They started to snicker. Everybody turned, and they stared right at George Conway and then whispered among themselves.”

Now, what she could have been reporting was real news related to the trial — like the cross-examination of former Trump attorney Michael Cohen or the congressional testimony of Robert Costello, the attorney who formerly represented Cohen and blew a hole through the case, destroying Cohen’s testimony, as our Susie Moore reported. 

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But that would require one to be an objective reporter and MSNBC seems full of Democratic operatives. 

But since Tur mentioned him, Gaetz took to X and his response to Tur was very funny. Not only did it hit Tur for her lack of objectivity, but it hit her for her failure to report on why they were laughing at George Conway. 

This requires a response. 

@realannapaulina @laurenboebert @BorisEP @EricTrump @kleavittnh and I were “snickering” at George Conway because he has made so much of Trump resting his eyes during testimony and yet Conway was STONE COLD OUT with his mouth agape during parts of the morning session. 

When we noticed this, the lady sitting next to George (eventually) woke him up. 

We weren’t going to even mention it, but you had to call us “mean girls….”

You’re welcome George!

Whoops, now that’s funny. Why isn’t Tur reporting on that? 

I don’t blame anyone for falling asleep during the trial because quite frankly it’s gone on without the prosecution really proving its case and most Americans think it’s just a ridiculous effort to get Trump at this point. 

I just think it’s incredibly hypocritical of Conway to try to attack Trump over something that he, Conway, has done. He’s even admitted he’s fallen asleep in the past over it in April, saying it really wasn’t that interesting. 

Bottom line? 

They’re doing all they can to spin a dog of a case against Trump, but the reason people aren’t interested is because there is nothing really there in the case. And Gaetz’s barb at Conway just reemphasizes that point. 

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