Mask Mandates Return to NYC Hospitals Ahead of 2024 Election


Last Updated on January 7, 2024

Mask mandates have returned to New York City’s public health facilities to kick off 2024 as one of the most jabbed cities on earth claims to be experiencing a Covid-19 surge, a full four years removed from the start of the “pandemic” but conveniently less than a year before the next presidential election.

People will be forced to wear a mask to enter the “patient areas” of New York City’s 11 public hospitals and all of the nursing homes and health clinics also run by the New York City Health and Hospital Corporation, a government entity.

The new mask mandate comes as the city not only hypes up fears around Covid but around influenza and “RSV”, a mild respiratory virus that’s received huge publicity in recent years and has been seized upon by governments and their “health” partners to push new “vaccines” and restrict civil liberties.

The return of the mask mandates comes despite even Dr. Fauci having admitted that masks don’t effectively stop the spread of disease and, in many cases, can make people more sick or lead to serious health problems, both physically and psychologically.

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The return of mask mandates in New York City comes as several other deep blue locales turn back the clock to 2020 as well, conveniently just 11 months before Americans are set to go to the polls and vote for a new President.

In nearby Massachusetts, the Berkshire Health System has announced a return of its mask mandate, while in Illinois, the state’s Department of Public Health “recommended” last month that mask mandates return to hospitals and other medical facilities. According to local media reports, a multitude of Chicago-based health systems have seized upon the recommendation to bring back mandatory face coverings.

On the other side of the country, New York’s deep blue counterpart of California has also begun bringing back mask mandates in numerous healthcare facilities, and at least one local government, in Yolo County, is “recommending” that citizens mask up every time they leave the house.



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