Majority of Americans—42% of Democrats—want mass deportations as Trump has promised: Axios/Harris Poll


A 51 percent majority of Americans, including 42 percent of Democrats, are in favor of mass deportations of illegal immigrants. Former President Donald Trump has promised to bring such policies in the US should he be elected to a second term in office.

According to a new Axios Vibes survey by The Harris Poll, Americans have warmed to the idea of mass deportations and more secure border policies, like those that were in place during the Trump administration, now that the influx of illegal immigration has reached crisis levels under President Joe Biden.  

68 percent of Republicans and 46 percent of Independents are also in favor of mass deportations, according to the poll reported on by the outlet.  

32 percent of respondents in the survey said that Biden’s administration is the “most responsible” for the influx of illegal immigrants.  

Additionally, 30 percent of Democrats and 46 percent of Republicans say they would end birthright citizenship in the country altogether, a right that has its foundation in the 14th Amendment.  

As record numbers of illegal immigrants have flooded across the border, more Americans are seeing it as a top issue. Recent polling shows that American voters trust Trump much more than Biden on being able to handle illegal immigration and secure the US border.

Trump has vowed to initiate mass deportations when he gets into office. In January, Trump told a crowd in Iowa “On my first day back in the White House, I will terminate every Open Borders policy of the Biden administration, stop the invasion on our southern border, and begin the largest domestic deportation operation in American history.”

Additionally, Chinese illegal immigration has skyrocketed 4,000 percent since 2021 at the same time the Biden administration has cut back on the vetting process of those Chinese nationals coming over the border. 

The survey was conducted from March 29-31, April 5-7, and April 12-14. It was based on a nationally representative sample of over 6,251 adults in the US and conducted online.  

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