LOOK on Joe Biden's Botox-Filled Face When Woman Says 'F**K You, Thanks for Nothing' is PRICELESS (Watch)


Have we mentioned lately that the Democrats are in trouble? Especially Joe Biden? In case we haven’t (we know we have), allow us to share with you some proof that things are not going so hot for #46. We’re not entirely sure where Sleepy Joe was when this occurred but the way he’s smiling and waving tells us it was likely supposed to be a friendly location. That and the woman yelling at him quite clearly says, ‘Thanks for nothing.’

Oh, she says some other stuff too but we don’t want to get in trouble.

Instead, feel free to watch this (note, this is not safe for work/public so we’d encourage headphones or earbuds):


HA ha.


Those big dumb sunglasses on his big dumb face with that big dumb grin. Either he’s embarrassed, uncomfortable, or has no idea who he is, where he is, and why that woman is mad at him. We suppose it could be a mix of all three these days.

What a hot mess.

We see what he did there.

And now that freakin’ song is in our heads.

Fair point.

Also fair.

Joe Biden getting what he deserves.

And hey, that woman didn’t stutter one bit. IMPRESSIVE.


Thank goodness they brought decency BACK on the ballot.




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