LOL! Chris Matthews Warns American Voters About the Rural Cult Trying to Take Over the Country


For some reason, Chris Matthews is back and talking again. Chris and fellow has been, Clarie McCaskill were very wound up about the rural people. They should just call them the stupids or the poors because that is actually how they feel. They were demanding people go vote or they would be outnumbered by the rural cult. How do these people live with brains this crazy?

MSNBC’s Chris Matthews said Wednesday that anyone who wants to have civil rights in the future must to get out the vote to counter “rural people” whom he described as mentally unsound cultists.

On Wednesday’s Morning Joe on MSNBC, host Joe Scarborough first attacked rural voters when prompting Claire McCaskill on the subject of the Iowa caucuses, saying anyone who doesn’t want to vote for Donald Trump will be intimidated into not casting a ballot.

McCaskill agreed, saying that in rural areas, “if you are not on Donald Trump’s bandwagon, if you’re not a member of the cult, then you just stay quiet.”

How dare voters prefer someone they do not approve of.

BRZEZINSKI: Iowa is days away. New Hampshire is coming up. And Donald Trump, given this conversation, even, is the clear frontrunner.

MATTHEWS: You know, I think President Biden gave a good speech on Friday. I think he began the conversation about the Constitution and democracy. But I think he has to turn the corner and go to the next step. The reason we love our democracy. The reason we all love it is, if we don’t like the government and they’re doing something, we can do something about it. The 18th amendment was founded, was followed by the 21st amendment. You can drink beer if you want to. It was corrected.

If women want the right to the bodily, their own protection of their own body. They want to have — so they go and vote in Ohio and they just say, we’re going to win this one. And you can do this. But the voter does have a role to play. The court system will put the bad guys in jail, the ones who were lied to by the president, former president, in jail. They’re doing all that, right? They’re going to plead guilty, they’re going to go away. But in the end, the voters have to vote for their rights. You got to vote for civil rights.


Obviously if women can’t kill their babies, they are being oppressed.

To the MSNBC crew, absolutely.

It is a shocking development.

Those are the people they mean. When they tell you what they think of you, believe them.

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