LGBTQ agitators violently attack man at South Bend drag show for kids


A man was attacked and bloodied by two Antifa-linked LGBTQ activists on Friday at a South Bend, Indiana drag show for kids. One of the activists swung and hit the man in the head and face with a large brass bell during the incident.  

According to a report from Real News Michiana, the attack happened when LGBTQ activists Troy Moss and Tonna Robinson appeared to attack an unidentified man completely unprovoked. The victim did not appear to be violent or provoking those at the drag show according to witnesses who spoke to reporters. The man had to get six stitches in his head and had to get an MRI as a result of the attack.  

Photo courtesy of Real Michiana News: Troy Moss (right) and Tonna Robinson swinging brass bell during attack

The suspects in the attack took off but were later identified as Moss and Robinson through photographic evidence, according to the outlet. Both are reportedly members of the nonprofit Northern Indiana Atheists group. Witnesses said that Moss attacked the man in question by first pinning the man against a wall and then Robinson reportedly came up to hit the victim in the head with the large brass bell.  

The two activists also attacked the man’s 18-year-old son at the time of the incident; however, his injuries were not as severe. The father had to be taken to the hospital for treatment. Witnesses said that the activists stole the son’s phone when he tried to contact the police as his father went to the ground bleeding. The drag performance was set up by the LGBTQ Center of South Bend and was being put on at the Well Coffee House/Church, which is at the 2400 block of East Mishawaka Avenue in South Bend, Indiana.  

Photo courtesy of Real Michiana News: Blood after attack and victim in the hospital

According to screenshots of Facebook posts obtained by Real New Michiana, the Northern Indiana Atheists group was supposed to be doing security for the event on behalf of the LGBTQ Center. Both Moss and Robinson were on “security detail” for the event. The two are also connected to the left-wing extremist group, Antifa. According to the outlet, Robinson also appears to be the de facto leader of the left-wing extremist group in the area. 

Robinson has plastered her social media with her affiliation to Antifa, with several posts showing her celebrating attacks on the police. 

Tonna Robinson’s Facebook posts, obtained by Real Michiana News

Despite the LGBTQ Center of South Bend hosting drag shows for children on a consistent basis, the center has gotten support from left-wing politicians like Pete Buttigieg as well as Sheriff Bill Redman. 

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