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It is highly likely that the Senate Judiciary Committee will vote on two critical bills, HB 396 and HB 1607, tomorrow. Read on for more information on the bills and how you can help.

HB 396: State Definition of Biological Sex

HB 396 is needed to clarify that nothing in New Hampshire law prevents public facilities from differentiating between the biological sexes in athletic competitions, prisons, locker rooms, restrooms, or places of intimate privacy.

Rather than focusing on a single area such as sports, HB 396, by acknowledging that “any person or organization, public or private,” can make a common-sense classification based on biological sex, provides the most expansive framework to address the ongoing harm to vulnerable women and girls and has the greatest success of becoming law in New Hampshire.

We urge you to contact the committee and ask them to vote Ought To Pass on the bill as is with no amendments. 


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HB 1607: Relative to Expanded Save Haven Protections

Last month, there was a public hearing in the Senate on HB 1607relative to expanded safe haven protections. Now, the Senate has a critical opportunity to position New Hampshire as the leader in infant protections among our New England neighbors.

Earlier this year, the most important part of the bill was removed on the House floor: Section 5 would have ensured parents surrendering a baby would not have to fear prosecution as a result of their surrender. It is critical and necessary to include this exclusionary provision in the expansion of safe haven law to accomplish the law’s goal which is to save lives, NOT catch criminals or deter parents from doing the right thing for their child.

The Senate must re-insert the Section 5 exclusionary provisions of the bill to prioritize the lives of vulnerable infants and ensure parents are not discouraged from using this safe and secure means to surrender their unwanted child.

We urge you to contact the committee and ask them to amend the bill to reinsert the exclusionary rule, and then vote OTP on the bill.


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