LA Board Votes Taxpayer Funds for Anti-Israel UCLA Students' Legal Aid


Truth really is stranger — and stupider — than fiction. The Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors thinks Hamas-sympathizing protestors deserve to have legal aid funded by taxpayers.

The last thing that any university student protesting in favor of Gazan jihadis should receive after their well-deserved arrest is government assistance, courtesy of responsible and non-radicalized American citizens. Rather, these students should be suspended or expelled automatically for their outrageous actions. It’s high time the woke youth of America learned that actions and publicly expressed beliefs have consequences, particularly when those actions include support for genocide.

Fox News reporter Bill Melugin tweeted May 15, “Last week, the LA County Board of Supervisors voted to provide taxpayer funded legal assistance to help defend the anti-Israel protesters arrested at the UCLA encampment, via Public Defender’s Office. Motion was authored by @LindseyPHorvath. Only @kathrynbarger voted no.” This is the insanity on which Democrats spend taxpayers’ hard-earned money — rewarding anti-Semitic jihad-lovers. One can only suppose that this is meant to buy votes from the radical students.

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On the UCLA campus, the now-arrested pro-Hamas protestors reportedly blocked Jewish students from accessing campus and graffitied threatening messages like “Death 2 Zionism.” The students were supporting terrorism and acting illegally to enforce their antisemitism. These people deserve neither pity nor taxpayer money.

Campus Reform added more details:

There were over 180 pages of public comment for the motion, most of which overwhelmingly supported the legal aid.

One community member, Diane Zimmerman, said … “Be well ashamed of yourself if you use any of our taxpayer money to support the people that are literally abusing anyone who is Jewish on campus” … 210 people were arrested at UCLA in relation to the illegal anti-Israel encampment, according to JP.

Unfortunately, it seems many LA residents were eager to waste their money on anti-Semitic activists (presuming the public commenters were taxpayers, which might be far too great an assumption). This move by the LA County Board could incentivize more disruptive behavior and anti-Jewish hatred on the part of UCLA students, however. Now that UCLA students can be sure taxpayers will be contributing to their legal fees, they could be more likely to cause havoc in the name of supporting Palestinians.

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The Democrats deliberately encourage lawbreakers, criminals, and miscreants by helping those individuals escape any serious consequences for their society-damaging actions. While targeting and punishing peaceful and patriotic citizens for non-crimes, Democrats also shield and incentivize America-loathing, Israel-hating radicals.

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