Karine Jean-Pierre BOTCHES Giving Condolences for 3 Dead Soldiers, Says the Quiet Part Out LOUD (Watch)


In case you needed a reminder of just how awful this president, his administration, and especially his press secretary really are take a gander at Karine Jean-Pierre’s response to the three soldiers killed in Jordan over the weekend. She can’t even give condolences without screwing it up.

They just don’t get how any of this works and they never will.

Talk about self-centered, self-involved, ridiculous garbage.


Even Little Red Lying Hood wasn’t as bad as Karine and that’s saying a lot.

This is what you get when you hire someone based on how many identity boxes they check.

But you guys already knew that.

As usual.


To be fair, most dictators believe their soldiers are fighting for them … so this (sadly) reads.

They can’t fire her. If they do she’ll claim it’s because they’re racist, homophobic bigots; hey, that’s what they get for hiring based on who the person is versus their qualifications. Not to mention they’re probably ok with this.

At best.



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