Kamala Harris: Christians Can Support Killing Babies in Abortions


Kamala Harris apparently doesn’t know much about the Bible because she just said that it’s okay for Christians to kill their babies in abortions.

The abortion cheerleader is on a nationwide tour this month to celebrate abortions and today she appeared at a rally with Joe Biden to kick off the tour. There, she told abortion advocates that it’s okay for a Christian to have an abortion.

“One does not have to abandon their faith or deeply held beliefs” to support abortion-on-demand without limits until birth, Harris said.

Not only that, but Harris wildly claim that killing babies is compassionate.

“We have a president who has — and this is so critically important — the compassion, as well as the determination and skill, to make our vision for our country and our future real,” she said.

“We have in Joe Biden a courageous fighter for our most fundamental freedoms as Americans including of course the freedom to make decisions about one’s own body and not have their government tell them what they’re supposed to do,” Harris said.

Harris lied and claimed pro-life laws punish women and said, “What they need to know is that we will not allow it.”

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She also condemned Donald Trump for selecting judges who voted to overturn Roe.

“Former President Trump picked hand-picked three Supreme Court justices because he intended for them to overturn Roe,” Harris said. “He intended for them to take your freedoms. He is the architect of this health care crisis.”

“And he is not done,” Harris said of Trump on Tuesday. “And the extremists are not done in the United States Congress, extremists who are trying to pass a national abortion ban to outlaw abortion in every state. But what they need to know is that we will not allow it, the American people will not allow it.”

And when it comes to Christians and abortions, Harris is seriously uninformed.

Most Christians recognize that abortion is wrong because it kills a unique, living human being who is a valuable person created in the image of God. The Bible condemns murder, the harming of children and the shedding of innocent blood, and it recognizes unborn babies as valuable, living human beings.

True Christianity raises up the most vulnerable, defends the defenseless and offers compassion to the suffering. This includes babies in the womb who, throughout the Bible, are recognized as unique, valuable human beings who are created in God’s image.

All across the U.S., Christians are working to save unborn babies and providing support and encouragement to pregnant and parenting mothers in need. Of course, pro-lifers of other faiths and no faith are doing this, too. Through pregnancy centers, maternity homes and many other charities, pro-life advocates are practicing true justice and the “love-thy-neighbor” commandment by providing baby supplies, housing, financial assistance, parenting classes and more to help millions of mothers and babies thrive.

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