Justices Roberts & Barrett Ruled Against Texas on the Border


The far-left Justices, Justices Roberts, and Barrett just ruled against Texas, and in favor of the Biden regime’s open borders in the razor wire case.

In a 5-4 decision, the Supreme Court just ruled that Biden can remove razor wires installed by Texas on the border. The three leftists on the Court were joined by Justices Roberts and Barrett. The Biden administration will likely seize Shelby Park from Texas and remove any border fences that were installed.

The legal argument is that the existing razor wire installed by Texas impedes the ability of the Border Patrol to apprehend those who have already crossed. The Justices went with a petty, dishonest legal argument and allowed the disaster at our border to continue.

No one is apprehending anyone, the Biden administration simply releases them. Any ruling that doesn’t back up Texas backs up the invasion. Do you agree?

Texas Gov. Gregg Abbott installed the razor wire near the Rio Grande at Eagle Pass as part of an operation to address illegal immigration.

Texas sued after Border Patrol agents cut through some of the razor wire, claiming the agents had trespassed and damaged state property.

A federal judge ruled for the Biden administration, but the New Orleans-based 5th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals last month reversed that decision, saying agents could not cut or move the wire unless there was a medical emergency.

As Gov. DeSantis wrote on X, “Texas is trying to enforce our laws and uphold our sovereignty while the federal government is disregarding the law and ignoring its responsibility to protect our borders. What an upside-down world.”

Thank God we have the Court, right? The judicial branch wields power against Donald Trump, but not against Joe Biden.

The invasion continues.

Las Vegas News Magazine

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