JUST IN: 'The View' Hosts Forced To Evacuate Studio


The direction of “The View” was epitomized on Wednesday after the show’s liberal hosts and staff were forced to evacuate the studio, spilling into the street and taking video of a chaotic scene of first responders.

According to the Daily Caller and videos published by co-host Whoopi Goldberg, the team had begun filming Wednesday morning and reached the “Hot Topics” part of the discussion only to learn that the building next door had caught on fire. The flames began in a kitchen studio as part of Tamron Hall’s cooking program

“We walked out to Billy Joel’s hit ‘We Didn’t Start the Fire’ because it actually happened next door at Tamron Hall’s,” she said in the clip. “This morning we had to evacuate the studio, because there was a fire, that we did not start. We don’t know who started it, we don’t know what started it.”


Hall added on Instagram that some of her staff required a response from emergency services, though “everyone is safe,” she told her followers. In a clip from her show stripped of its entire set, Hall added more context.

“You might say we had a real smoke show around here,” said said. “We had a grease fire in our kitchen” that prompted a huge response by the city’s fire department. Clips from the street front showed multiple fire engines parked at the ready.


Ana Navarro, who was joining the discussion remotely at the time, told the show’s audience after the program reconvened that she was overwhelmed by the unfolding scene and just thinking about the safety of her coworkers.

“And it was dark, empty, and alarms, and flashing lights,” she said. “I thought ‘holy hell.’”

Alyssa Griffin made light of the situation, joking that the dangerous encounter interrupted her prep work with the hair and makeup team.

“It really made me understand my priorities, because once I saw all the hosts were fine, I was like, where is my glam team? Like, leave Brian, but as long as hair and makeup are safe …” she said.

“It was really dangerous to see us on the street without hair and make-up!” Joy Behar chimed in.

“Tamron did not start the fire. We did not, either,” Goldberg added.

Las Vegas News Magazine

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