Just for Fun: Some of the Best Tweets Leading Up to the 'Kentucky Derby'


In honor of the running of the ‘Kentucky Derby‘ today, we bring you a thread of some of the pertinent threads from the day. Starting out with Redsteeze asking for Kentucky Derby horse names from Seinfeld.

Someone call Rand Paul. That is his favorite thing to do.

Everyone is so creative. 

Conservative firebrand Candace Owens is in attendance.


As is Fox favorite Janice Dean.

Travis Kelce is in attendance, but his lady, Taylor Swift, did not join him. That has tongues wagging.

No one wants to miss out on a mint julep.

Elon claims to be tied up and unable to attend.

The daughter of Anna Nicole Smith continues the tradition of attending with her father.

Nick Saban seems to be enjoying retirement. Good for him!

Of course, an AOC joke is always the best palate cleanser. Happy Derby Day!

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