Just for Fun: Let's Make Fun of the 2024 Met Gala


Every year, the most self-absorbed members of society, mostly leftists, do us a solid: They congregate at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, or ‘the Met’, to show us just how out-of-touch they are, and they do it by dressing in outrageous ‘high fashion’.

We never pass up the opportunity to laugh at them and enjoy you laughing at them.

Let the fun begin!

Some of y’all did a great job of covering this for us, so we’re just gonna share!

This is one of the more tame dresses we saw, and it’s still weird.

Nicki Minaj looks like she crawled out of an explosion at the Dollar Tree and had to get her cousin to replace her real prom date at the last minute.


Seriously, that’s like Cardi B through Z. It’s just a little much.


LOL! Yes, we know it’s actually Lizzo. Hollaria is wild, guys, just lean into it.

That’s Emily Rataj-Yowski. ‘Do you feel a draft?’

Yes, that’s real sand. We told you these people were nuts, right?


‘What do I wear?’

‘I don’t know, just steal the door curtain from the fortune teller.’

Every GenX kid had their legs burned by that dude’s seat in the back of Dad’s Chevy.

Ed Sheeran looks like he’s watched Dumb and Dumber one too many times.



How does a dude named Hamish decide to wear a pimp suit with a purple towel on his head instead of a kilt accessorized with a sword?


She just gave up.

We’re just reporting, folks. Do not blame us.

We’re not sure either, but now we want Dairy Queen for some reason.

Usher looks like a 5-year-old who was playing cowboy but then got distracted by his mom’s closet.

This is the face you see right before you get asked for photos of your feet.

May the odd people be ever in our favor!

LOL! Sick burn … no, really.

Lay off the Lembas bread!

Someone tell Captain America that Bucky is still alive.

This seems rather practical, honestly … if you need to dust.


What is going on?!

She looks like she’s mad she fell into the wrapping paper bin.


More naked people. We’re not sure, ma’am, but we think it’s on backward.

At least he can survive a battle with a cave troll.


The girls be like:


Also, there’s a man named ‘Bad Bunny’.

The shoes … LOL.


We can’t take it anymore, folks. You can look for the rest yourselves.



Commie Clash: Cruddy Keffiyeh-Clad Libs Converge on Conceited Costume-Clad Libs at the Met Gala

Las Vegas News Magazine

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