John Legend: Trump Is 'Benefiting' from Two-Tiered Justice System


Singer John Legend has absurdly claimed that former president Donald Trump is ‘benefiting’ from the two-tiered justice system.

During an interview on MSNBC with former Joe Biden spokeswoman Jen Psaki, Legend displayed obvious signs of TDS as he attempted to justify his claims by claiming Trump has access to lawyers who are delaying trials.

However, the singer failed to take into account that the trials are nothing more than political attacks to stop him from taking back the White House.

Trump faces dozens of indictments and multiple legal battles that threaten to hinder his run for the White House.

“He is getting way more concessions than the average criminal defendant would get,” Legend said.

“He’s getting delays, he’s got access to all kinds of lawyers that are filing this and filing that, delaying every trial, and most people don’t have access to that kind of lawyering, don’t have access to the kind of concessions that the justice system will provide to you if you can afford it.”


Despite Legend’s claims, the opposite is true.

Trump is the victim of a two-tiered justice system.

After Trump was ordered to pay $175 million in his civil fraud judgment last month, Sen. Tim Scott (R-SC) called it “as close to election interference as I can imagine.”

Meanwhile Trump’s son, Eric Trump, weighed in on his father’s legal battles.

However, he contended that the legal drama makes his father “stronger.”

In 2019, Legend called for Trump to be voted out of office, calling him “a flaming racist” and “a piece of s***.”

The singer made the comments after Trump criticized the living conditions of Baltimore and demanded that then-Rep. Elijah Cummings spend more time in his city to help clean it up.

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