Joe Biden is Pressuring Pro-Life Guatemala to Stop Protecting Babies From Abortions


To their great shame, there is a push by the radical and pro-abortion extremist Biden administration to bully the newly elected Guatemalan government to change their protective laws governing abortion.

A sudden influx of chemical abortions in countries like Guatemala would be disastrous. Chemical abortions pose serious health threats to women; four times the rate of immediate complications than from surgical abortions, while thirty-three percent of cases of second-trimester women whose pregnancies had been misdiagnosed required surgical intervention.

There are no hospitals or medical posts in many regions of Guatemala. How can this American government claim to have “deep concern” for women’s health? Guatemalan women have nowhere to go if they experience complications from abortion.

The abortion drugs’ impacts on maternal mortality cannot be ignored, and it would wreak havoc in developing countries like Guatemala. Why?

Guatemala is one of the poorest countries in the world. In fact, it’s the poorest country in Latin America and second-most poor in this hemisphere—only the people of Haiti are in more significant distress. Seventy-five percent of Guatemalans live below the poverty line, and more than 60% live in what the World Bank deems “extreme poverty.”

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Access to healthcare is so dire the World Health Organization declares that “Preventable diseases often result in death; malnutrition is common among children and young adults, and infant mortality rates are high.” The few government-sponsored “health posts” are understaffed and have few medical resources and supplies.

Fifty percent of all girl children under the age of 5 show signs of “stunting” – a failure to physically develop at standard rates. Stunting is the most common indicator of chronic malnutrition, and additionally, one in four women of childbearing age suffer from anemia. Most live in shanties made of salvaged materials on dirt floors without toilets or running water.

The combination of severe poverty, malnourishment, and stunting has a devastating impact on women of childbearing age in Guatemala. These women often face higher risks during pregnancy and childbirth, including higher maternal mortality rates. Additionally, they may lack access to quality healthcare and support services, further exacerbating health challenges.

Although the newly elected administration in Guatemala offers much hope for the future, the women of Guatemala must have access to doctors, schools, adequate health care, potable water, and a nutritional safety net. What they do not need is an influx of unregulated abortion and toxic abortion drugs. To protect its women and girls, Guatemala must continue to keep its protective laws in its constitution.

Shame to the Biden administration for insisting on a policy that would put so many more women at risk. Note: Raimundo Rojas is the director of Hispanic outreach for the National Right to Life Committee. He is a former president of Florida Right to Life and has presented the pro-life message to millions in Spanish-language media outlets. He represents NRLC at the United Nations as an NGO. Rojas was born in Santiago de las Vegas, Havana, Cuba and he and his family escaped to the United States in 1968.

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