Joan Collins Reveals What Makes 5th Marriage Her Most Successful – JP


Joan Collins‘ marriage is the key to her dynasty.

The Dynasty alum shared the simple secret to her 22-year marriage to Percy Gibson.

“We love each other in a very deep way,” the 90-year-old told E! News‘ Carolina Bermudez in an exclusive interview airing Jan. 29. “We love each other, adore each other—as people, not just husband and wife or lovers. We like each other.”

And despite their 32-year age gap, Joan—who has been married four times before to Maxwell ReedAnthony NewleyRon Kass, and Peter Holm—knows this has been her most successful.

“We got to know each other very, very well before we committed,” she explained of Percy, who she met in 2000 when he produced a play she was in. “We really really got to know each other deeply in the right way.”

As she joked, that was something she “hadn’t done with any of the other four.”

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