JACK POSOBIEC and JOSHUA LISEC: The right ‘fetishizes martyrdom’ instead of organizing to win


Jack Posobiec slammed the right for its “deficient” approach to rising to power on Human Events Daily Tuesday, contrasting the left’s strategy which follows the patterns of “Unhumans” as illustrated in his new book.

Posobiec hosted the co-author of the book, Joshua Lisec, on the show who said that what “the left understands is that the objective is to get power is to organize and get power.”

The right, however, falls into the pattern of “purity spiraling” where it gets caught up in “competing agendas” and loses sight of the end goal, he said.

The left has “a singular mind and a singular will, and that is the will to rule. What we see instead, from the right, is fear of power, and an inability to organize,” Lisec explained.

This has been exemplified by “intra-Christian conflicts” over issues of morality which has led to “continual fragmentation.”

He continued: “The brain of the right is sort of self-isolating one hemisphere from the other. And it’s been this way for hundreds of years.”

“What we see from the left is seeking of power,” he said, “what we see from the right is the seeking of their own glory, how ‘I’m the one, I’m the man, I’m the hero.'”

The duo explained that, essentially, there has been a “fetishization of martyrdom” coming from the right where the modern-day conservative influencer has begun preaching that they would rather be defeated by the adversary and killed for their beliefs instead of organizing to win power and leading the country in the right direction.

“The idea is to be killed, not to be in a position where you could kill, but you show your enemy’s mercy,” Lisec explained.

He said that what he and Posobiec are advocating for in Unhumans, is that the evangelical Christian community in America, which Lisec points out is a significant voter bloc, reframe their positioning and advocate for “a righteous ruler.”

“To lead the country forward,” Posobiec added.

Watch the full episode below.

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