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Journalist and writer Andrea Cionci wrote an article in his blog titled: Don Ramon Guidetti: Bergoglio is anti-pope. Immediately excommunicated.

“An Italian priest was excommunicated Tuesday for calling Pope Francis a “usurper” in his New Year’s Eve homily marking the first anniversary of the death of Francis’s predecessor, Benedict XVI.

“Don Ramon Guidetti, a parish priest at Livorno on the Tuscan coast, was excommunicated by his local bishop for telling his flock that the Argentine pontiff, who took over after German pope Benedict sensationally quit in February 2013, “is not the pope, he’s a usurper.”

“Father Guidetti said later Tuesday that it was a “mark of pride to be out of this Church, which is a tyranny.”

“For the first time in history, the world is without a pope and without a conclave. This situation has lasted for a year and two days since Benedict XVI went to heaven, leaving the Roman see from impeded to vacant.

“To witness this dramatic reality firsthand, another priest chose to sacrifice himself and face all the consequences of the case, losing everything.

“Don Ramon Guidetti, parish priest of Guasticce, in the province of Livorno, in a vibrant homily HERE during the Mass celebrated on 31 December 2023, declared that Bergoglio is not the pope but rather an anti-pope and a usurper according to the laws of the Church.

“His heresies and monstrous inversions of doctrine have nothing to do with it, which, if anything, are, from a faith perspective, a consequence (and not the cause) of not being the pope, of not having the Petrine Munus, the “seal of guarantee ” that God himself imprints on the successor of Peter. Don Ramon also underlines what is well known (especially in the Vatican), namely that Benedict XVI has never renounced the Petrine Munus, the title of divine origin, a sine qua non: the see is not vacant, and the subsequent election is null and void. See in these four simple steps how, in accordance with the apostolic constitution Universi Dominici Gregis, written by card. Ratzinger, in 1996, the pontiff’s resignation did not occur in accordance with canon 332.2 (also written by Ratzinger).”

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Pope Benedict XVI

Peter Seewald, a close friend and collaborator of the late Pope Benedict XVI, said last week that Benedict was “stabbed in the heart” by Pope Francis’ attacks on the traditional Latin Mass.

Seewald, a German journalist who worked with Joseph Ratzinger — the future Benedict XVI — for over 25 years, said that Pope Francis has done his best to eradicate the legacy of his immediate predecessor in every way possible.

Pope Francis “seems to have an aversion to the Westernized traditions of the Catholic Church,” said Seewald. “As a South American and a Jesuit, he has erased much of what was precious and dear to Ratzinger.”

Seewald pointed to the tight restrictions against the Traditional Latin Mass by Pope Francis, reversing Benedict XVI’s 2007 apostolic letter Summorum Pontificum, which acknowledged the right of all priests to say Mass using the Roman Missal of 1962, which is in Latin.

Seewald said the “purge of staff” completed the picture: “Many people who supported Ratzinger’s course and Catholic doctrine were ‘guillotined.’”

Seewald took particular issue with Pope Francis’ treatment of Archbishop Georg Gänswein, who served as longtime secretary to Benedict.

“It was an unprecedented event in the history of the Church that Archbishop Gänswein, the closest collaborator of a highly deserving pope, of the greatest theologian ever to sit on the Chair of Peter, was shamefully thrown out of the Vatican. He did not even receive a word of pro forma thanks for his work.”

Seewald noted that Gänswein was not an isolated case.

Pope Francis responded by saying he didn’t believe Pope Benedict felt this way, and the people saying it were partisans,

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