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Howard Johnson’s used to boast over thirty flavors of ice cream. It was great to have so many choices, but sometimes, you simply want a scoop of vanilla ice cream. I went through a period when all my cars were white. It was not a social statement. I love the clean look of a white car. I now drive a beautiful chocolate brown Jeep.

The color is not a statement, just a choice. Choices are wonderful, as is diversity, but only when organic. Would it have been any better for society if the government had forced Howard Johnson to have 35 flavors instead of 31? Absolutely not. Forced diversity is a subliminal form of racism and is harming the quality of American life.

When choices are limited by the boxes that need to be checked, then you do not get the best option for the situation. If you focus on politics, limiting the pool to a Black woman did not give us the best person for Vice President or Supreme Court justice. The choice satisfied certain voting groups, like Blacks and women, but shortchanged America by not putting the best person in place. This also happened at the state level when Gavenor Newsom used the same thinking to replace the late Senator Barbara Feinstein. Biden brags about his most diverse cabinet in history, but he does not discuss it being the least effective either. The administration’s focus on diversity and abortion has taken its eyes off the target issues like the border, economy, inflation, Fentanyl, and trade issues.

Our military effectiveness has declined as the WOKE culture infects all branches. The surrender of Afghanistan was an example. The military is more concerned about access to abortion and gender reassignment services than recruiting. We have not hit recruiting targets under Biden’s term, and people say it is because of the weak attitude of our Defense Department.

Colleges across the country are feeling the impact of “peaceful” demonstrations, which are a result of WOKE DEI thinking amongst indoctrinated students. These students have been told for 15-16 years how evil and destructive America is, and they are all feeling hatred and antisemitism. This environment is not sustainable, and Presidents are reaching out to the leadership, police, and the FBI to intervene. The institutions show their weakness by negotiating with protestors who have violated school policy by setting up encampments instead of taking charge and shutting them down.

The attention the WOKE is getting is all negative and is resulting in the slow, eventual death of Woke and DEI. Just like BLM was shown to be a sham and a Ponzi scheme, DEI has been exposed as a progressive attempt to reshape our culture and future direction, and it failed. These movements attempted to use the Millenials and Gen-Z groups that people recognized as young morons who were allowing themselves to be used as pawns by progressive operatives like George Soros.

DEI needs to die and should have sooner than this. It aimed to feature groups that wanted recognition when they should have earned it with merit. To isolate groups and elevate them above others is racism. Black History Month, Gay Pride Month, and Women’s History are all efforts to isolate and recognize one group over all others. How is this allowed when people are seeking equity and equality? How about we get back to celebrating humanity as a whole and let Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion happen organically?

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