In Praise of Joe Biden


I must confess at the outset that I have been much distressed by the lies, slander, and obvious malice that has accompanied the Republican vendetta against the sitting president of the United States. Joe Biden has been the victim of an unprecedented onslaught against the personal history, character, intelligence, and mental health of a man of great rectitude and undoubted love for his country, a man who should be respected rather than demeaned and insulted.

Merely consider the slate of his achievements and the prodigies of honorable sentiment for which he should be celebrated. His profound concern for the suffering of those the right-wing press calls illegal immigrants, struggling families from corrupt and repressive nations that should be welcomed with open arms, free lodging, credit cards, and medical services into the most compassionate country on the face of the planet. How could such generosity be resented by decent citizens? How is it possible that a Republican voter could object?

President Biden’s defense of the beleaguered country of Ukraine, which is at the mercy of the voracious Russian bear, can only be applauded as a signal accomplishment of his capable administration. Even at the cost of collapsing the American economy and ensuring hundreds of thousands of Ukrainian dead, the president knows that NATO’s advance into the Russian sphere of interest and the sacred principle of morality demands no other response to the violent breaching of Ukraine’s historic borders, regardless of the allied violation of the two Minsk Accords. So profound is the covenant of service to others that it merits even the possibility of nuclear annihilation.

The president also knows that fossil fuels are destroying the ecosphere and must be banned and replaced by a redemptive green technology in all its facets. That these innovations are inadequate to the task at hand is not an issue since the president’s Einsteinian brain can see deep into the future when the planet will be clean, green and pristine. When precisely this event will materialize he will not scruple to say for his modesty is equal to his intelligence. 

President Biden is also cognizant that the preservation of democracy demands judicious censorship against misinformation and disinformation, necessitating the custody of the digital platforms and the surveillance of a potentially dissident populace. Democracy is a fragile thing and needs to be rigorously protected from the ravages of untutored expression.

What is perhaps most disturbing is that the despicable, far-right, fascist, reprehensible, depraved and morally degenerate Republican media have circulated the canard that President Biden is failing mentally and approaching terminal senility, and that the 25th Amendment must be invoked for the benefit of the nation. What a load of codswallop! 

Has the Trump-worshipping lunatic Right no honor, no shred of decency? Is it completely devoid of analytic acumen? Can it continue to lie with such brazen impunity in the very face of a man, a loyal Commander-in-Chief, whose brilliance, courage, goodness of heart, sense of humor, narrative prowess, ringing sanity, and passionate love of the American people and the Constitution are second to none since the time of George Washington? 

Is he not a candidate who received 81 million legitimate ballots from a grateful electorate, although it has been rumored that he received double that number of votes, a fact buried by the Republican war machine?

It is high time that the deplorables in fly-over country come to understand that their well-being resides in the mind and heart of Joe Biden, whose re-election will lead them to the promised land. It is time they opened their eyes and found their way to the voting booths and cast their ballots accordingly. 

It should also become evident that President Biden’s chief competitor, Donald J. Trump, is an arrogant blowhard who did his best to destroy the hopes of the poor and downtrodden with a malefic border control policy, to enforce the patriarchy by building a masculine-oriented military, to bribe the people with jobs and good incomes to continue voting for him, to impoverish our allies with America-first trade agreements, and to further the prospects of Russian tyrant Vlad Putin with whom, for all we know, he may have had a secret intimate liaison. 

But the fact remains that many Americans do not seem to know how lucky, graced, and privileged they are to have a president of Joe Biden’s extraordinary caliber. It seems that only his friends and supporters on the Left are aware of his talents, his clarity of perception, his unfailing stamina, his knowledge of international affairs, and his penetrating wisdom, and who will come tirelessly to his defense despite the campaign of the dastardly totalitarian Right to portray this long-suffering president as sickly and incompetent. 

But we know better, we who have nothing but gratitude for so sage, patriotic, and selfless a leader as Joe Biden. May he sweep the primaries and go on to lead the nation into a thunderous future.

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