Ilhan Omar defends Gaza Camp radicals at Columbia University


Minnesota Rep. Ilhan Omar issued a statement in support of the Gaza Camp set up on Columbia University’s New York campus and slamming those in media and public office who have been detractors of the cause, essentially “both-sidesing” the issue. 

“Throughout history, protests were co-opted and made to look bad so police and public leaders would shut them down,” she said, claiming that the protesters were being vilified. 

“That’s what we are seeing now at Columbia University. The Columbia protesters have made clear their demands and want their school not to be complacent in the ongoing Genocide in Gaza,” Omar went on. 

“Public officials and media making this about anything else are inflaming the situation and need to bring calmness and sanity back.” 

“This is gaslighting as hell and you know it,” Ngo said.

Omar, who has a long history of anti-Semitic remarks, was removed from her position on the House Foreign Affairs Committee in a 218 to 2011 party-line vote earlier this year. 

Omar’s daughter Isra Hirsi was suspended and arrested for her participation in the Gaza Camp set up by pro-Hamas students on Columbia’s campus. After she was suspended Hirsi was susprised to find that she no longer had access to her dorm or her meal plan. This despite the fact that, going into the protests, she said she was prepared to be suspended for the cause. 

The protests on Columbia’s campus, which have had copycat protests spring up on other campuses, such as Yale and MIT, have seen students not just protesting Israel’s war against Palestinian terror group Hamas but advocating for the killing of Israeli soldiers, death to America, and actually advocating for the terror group directly.

Las Vegas News Magazine

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