Ignore the Shocking Number of Rapes Committed by 'Newcomers' or You'll Be Punished, You Bigot


As I’ve written before, the globalists have spent decades indoctrinating Westerners to believe that legitimate criticism of people with darker skin is a sign of racism, if not “proof” of so-called “white supremacy.” That includes speaking out against the epidemic of illegal immigrants, or asylum-seekers — call them what you will — committing unspeakable levels of sexual assault against Western women.

Most Americans have no idea what has been happening in Europe for two decades. But as I’ve warned in the past, the United States is only five to seven years behind the UK. Watch our Brit friends if you want to see what the pinkos have planned for “The Great Satan,” otherwise known as We the People.

Gang rapists in Britain, a vast majority of whom are/were Pakistani Muslims, had been sexually assaulting thousands of young girls and women with near impunity. How was such a heinous, nationwide calamity allowed to take place? Once the “woke” British cops realized most of the rapists were Muslims, they tucked their cowardly tails between their smooth, Ken-doll legs and said nothing for fear of being called “racists.”

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When it comes to an alarming and fairly secret wave of crimes being committed by “diversity delegates,” England isn’t alone. Danish crime stats from 2010-2021 revealed the dirty little secret that “asylum seekers” committed far more crimes than citizens born in Denmark. Roughly 58% of the sexual assaults in Malmo, Sweden, considered the “rape capital” of Europe, were committed by minority “foreign-born” attackers.

FACT-O-RAMA! Gropey Joe Biden referred to Laken Riley’s murderer as an “illegal.” Realizing his faux pas, he apologized to the woke gods for his insolence, claiming he should have referred to the animal as “undocumented.”

Merely being quiet about the tens of thousands of Western women being raped seems not to be working anymore, so the globalists allowing the carnage have begun punishing those who speak out.

A German politician, Marie-Thérèse Kaiser, was recently fined nearly $6,500 for speaking out against the gruesome number of rapes committed against German women by Afghanis as per some recent crime statistics.

A German court decided that Fraulein Kaiser, 27, was guilty of “inciting hatred” for mentioning the high number of sexual attacks committed by Afghani “cultural enhancers,” especially gang rapes.

FACT-O-RAMA! In an infamous gang rape trial in Germany, nine men, mostly “asylum seekers,” were convicted of repeatedly gang-raping a 15-year-old girl in a park. Ninety-six witnesses testified. Only one of the animals was sent to prison, for a mere two years and nine months. The others received suspended sentences. 

In other words, a German woman was punished for quoting rape-related crime stats that the globalists want to keep secret. Even Elon Musk chimed in.

Deeming Westerners “racist” if they take notice of a culture in which people are more likely to rape, among other things, is ludicrous. But as I wrote earlier, “woke” social conditioning works on people desperate to feel good about themselves.

But now, scaring people into silence is no longer working, so the woke backlash has begun. 

Whether this judge is Geisteskrank oder ein Sitzpinkler is unknown, but if he/she/zhe thinks he is immune to the millions of invaders who hate Westerners, he may find that the boot of reality moves swiftly to the crotch.

I know leftists in the U.S. who, astoundingly, seem to believe that a BLM sticker on their Prius makes them impervious to Marxist atrocities. Trust me, that Biden sign on your lib-in-law’s lawn won’t help when the gluten-dodging sallies of Antifa come out of their gated homes to throw their election-year tantrums. If you believe it will, I’d like to sell you “Reinhart,” my invisible Wasserspeier who will guard you from the communist mobs currently training to burn down our nation’s big, blue cities this summer. 

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