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Just from personal observations, this issue somehow has more legs than a caterpillar and continues to steamroll our society while its hyped-up humanitarian excuse masks its inherent depravity.

In fact, this view connects with other similar issues, all of which tend to feed into their broad-based objective of reducing the world’s population—and it kicks off right here in the land of the free!

These issues begin with this recent need to change the gender of a child who has recently reached school age. Needless to say, if a grown-up saw one that young smoking a cigarette, it would greatly upset and startle. Yet somehow, this gruesome and evil program, which is being administered at our grade school levels, has somehow neutered any public rebuke, or at least none is being reported. If allowed to continue, a percentage of Americans will never contribute to their particular ‘family tree.”

Think back and recall; not that it’s a common routine, but there are instances of children playing when, occasionally, one would try on the clothes of their playmates who were the opposite sex. It’s called childhood innocence, playing/fooling around, even curiosity, but it’s only a momentary pastime; no way does it continue!

However, given the normalcy of curiosity during a child’s vulnerable early youth opens the door for school officials to ask, in a most leading and enticing manner, whether one would like to be of another sex. Considering what nature has in store for our younger ladies, this possible change may hold some interest, especially at a time when young minds are not fully able to grasp and analyze properly.

Returning to that overall goal of population reduction, how many millions of American babies have never been? So far, with totals of sixty million plus abortions, this population problem is being seriously addressed. Now, couple the numbers with the recent hike in gender-transforming procedures. As both address this inhuman goal, these procedures approach from opposite directions and tend to disassociate and mask the brutality. What is needed is to connect both the before and after-birth remedies, which are one and the same, given what both serve.

Consider a seemingly isolated issue: What all the people of the world require the most is food! America is often called ‘the world’s breadbasket’, and rightly so since she is famous for offsetting the world’s hunger. So, what do you do when this need for population control is so demanding? Short of detonating or otherwise destroying America’s vast farmlands, the next best option is to acquire and then control that acreage! Guess what has been happening? And the new land owner happens to be Red China!

Call me a skeptic, a radical, or just an old man with a wild imagination, but how come all this dovetails into a neat package? And it’s our enemies who are doing the wrapping! Yes, enemies, as in Red China!

This may be a turnoff, but stick around for some common sense. If one intended to destroy this last bastion of freedom, which is still America, the enemy would not deviate one iota from what good old “Uncle Joe” is currently implementing! Thus, the term enemy!

Heaven forbid we should discard our political loyalties long enough to care for what was our Blessings at birth: God, Country, and our Constitution, all of which ‘Uncle Joe” has defiantly and repeatedly forsaken! The bottom line for all of us is that we are declining, and the rate is quickening due to a certain day in November.

If the above assaults upon our people aren’t compelling enough, how is it that this compassionate ‘adult in the room’ has increased this ongoing invasion flow by initiating commercial air flights into our country? In addition to wide open borders remaining wide open so as to amass the cartel’s profit margins from funneling sex and slave labor, along with providing instant death to the tens of thousands who, each year, as they knowingly or not consume fentanyl! The consistency of these Red China imports astounds, but mainly due to our lack of any condemnation. First Covid, and now with this wonder drug!


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