If Burlington Thinks It Voted for Change, It is In for an Unpleasant Surprise! – JP


Retiring Burlington, Vermont, Mayor Miro Weinberger is, by all sane accounts, left-wing, as was his anointed replacement Joan Shannon; in anywhere but Burlington, they are far-left Democrats. So when the city elected a “progressive” last week, well, guess what?

If you think you voted for change, you are in for a surprise. Progressive Party winner Emma Mulvaney-Stanak is basically a Marxist, with the Progressive Party carrying the social banner to the left of the likes of Weinberger and Shannon. What does that look like on the campaign trail? After years of denying Burlington had a growing issue with crime, the ‘Progressives’ ran on addressing the growing problem of crime. .: Change in Burlington: Replace Male Marxist Mayor with Female Marxist Mayor

Burlington’s crime problem is the direct result of left-wing political priorities shared by everyone who ran for mayor. Weinberger (nor the city council) know how to fix it because their party priorities create more crime and chaos. It is beyond their ability to repair. Shannon is no different. Mulvaney-Stanak will likely pour accelerant on the fire that is this problem.

Crime in Burlington is bad. Mulvaney-Stanak, who likely won partly as a result of the illegal gang vote (non-citizens can vote in municipal elections and her opponent’s “failure to acknowledge Israel’s unpopular invasion of Gaza”), is less equipped to address it than Weinberger or Shannon and that’s not saying much.

Hint: providing safe spaces to shoot up (drugs) will not stop the immigrant gangs from shooting up Burlington.

You need more cops, but no one with the intellectual agility to be on can think for a moment that the progressive mayor or its more “conservative Democrat/Progressive City Council” will defend them the next time a viral video drops that allows for virtue signaling on a national level. The cops will be under the bus faster than you can say. Where’s the next microphone to opine about systemic racism in a system run by Democrats and progressives for decades (Bernie Sanders was elected Mayor of Burlington in 1982).

The only way Emma Mulvaney-Stanak will ever get crime under control is to do what actual socialists do in communist countries, but as far as Vermont has fallen, even they haven’t gone that far. This means things can only get worse with one possible exception. The crime problem the progressives ignored before they decided they could use it to win elected office, blaming it on slightly less socialist Democrats, might disappear again. Not the crime, just any actual acknowledgement of it or data showing the truth.

Property and violent crime will continue to grow. They just won’t talk about it. And that is a change you can believe in.

Las Vegas News Magazine

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