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Facebook is the most powerful advertising tool ever created. But mastering it (specifically, learning to avoid bans) takes time and energy.
In the following guide, I’ll uncover the secrets used by marketing agencies to prevent bans, scale their campaigns, and grow profits in record time (even for riskier niches, such as CBD and supplements!).

By reading our Facebook Advertising in Risky Niches Guide, you will learn:

How to decentralize your FB advertising assets to ensure your business is safe from the next ban hammer.
How to create 100% policy-compliant funnels in “riskier” compliant funnels in “riskier.”
How to get around account spending limits for new
The optimal account warm-up method to minimize your chances of a new account going down
Ad policy cheat sheet: the cardinal mistakes you should never make when running ads

Plenty of information, so let’s start!

How to remove your advertising points of failure
So many businesses nowadays (even fully-fledged, 7 to 8-figure brands) fail because they lack a proper setup for their Facebook assets – causing them to build on ‘shaky grounds’ with one devastating point of failure. Even if you follow policies to the T, the Facebook algorithm is notorious for randomly disabling ads, ad accounts, BMs, and even profiles.
A straightforward method (missed by almost all businesses advertising on Facebook) minimizes the ban risk and ensures your business continues to grow by Decentralizing your ad assets.
Essentially, this means spreading your assets instead of piling everything into one place (which is the dreaded point of failure I mentioned earlier!)
Many 7&8-figure brands place ALL of their assets into the same BM they run ads from. This is a considerable risk because even one BM disablement risks your business. And many of these bans are triggered automatically for seemingly no reason.

Here’s how to properly set up your assets in three steps:

Have one master BM that holds the pixel(s) you will use. This BM should be used for one thing only: holding your pixel(s)
Have multiple “satellite BMs” that hold the page(s) and ad accounts you will be using to advertise (in case you have multiple)
Share the assets (pixels, pages, ad accounts) with a third BM that will only be used to run the ads.

This way, the risk is decentralized. If one asset (such as the ad account) gets disabled, it puts much less risk on the other assets. In addition, here are some other essential things you must do to ensure your setup is as optimized as possible.
Ensure every team member regularly checks to see if they’re tied to disabled assets (separate from your business). This can put their profile and your assets at huge risk if they are.
The world of Facebook Ads is constantly changing, and you need to be able to adapt to handle the constant new challenges.
Follow these steps to bulletproof your business.
How to create completely compliant funnels in “riskier niches.”
Have you ever wondered how some advertisers run ads for non-compliant products and offers? Well, there’s a secret to this. And with it, you can run ads for ‘riskier’ niches with little to no issues.
You can tweak your funnel (ads and landing pages), which can be the difference between a blocked ad account and a profitable campaign.
Here’s how I’d do it for the CBD niche (this niche is notorious for compliance issues and campaign bans.)
Many advertisers lose their advertising access over trying to do it. However, there is a way to run ads in this niche compliantly and within Facebook policies. (we’re not talking about black-hat)
You can apply the same principles to create your compliant funnel in other risky niches.
You need to ensure two main things are right: website compliance and funnel and ad compliance.

Website compliance

Avoid making direct claims – For example, when talking about the benefits of CBD and making claims. Instead of saying, “CBD does XYZ” or “Our product does XYZ.” Phrase the wording like this: “CBD has been shown to do XYZ benefits.” Making direct claims can trigger the ad policy.
Indirect flow of traffic – Make the flow more indirect. Have a blog post on the website talking about the benefits of CBD (according to the research) and drive traffic there. From there, you can have CTAs on your product page where you make the sale.
Back it up with research – For any claims (even indirect claims), back them up with a research study and find a way to mention it on the page.
Physical address and phone number—Especially in riskier niches, you need to show Facebook that you are a legitimate entity in case of a manual review. Make sure your website clearly shows your phone number and physical address.

Funnel & Ads Compliance

Ensure you’re ONLY driving cold traffic to your website’s blog post. After people have visited the website, you can retarget them and drive them directly to the product page.
For retargeting. You can drive people directly to the product page. Remove any ‘riskier’ keywords, such as ‘CBD,’ and focus on providing a discount or offer to get people to click through.
Check out the attached example of the TOF ad copy. Notice how it’s less direct than a typical direct response copy and more focused on being educational. It would be best to avoid being pushy with solid claims and identify potentially interested customers to push them into your funnel. You will convert them later.

Warm-up method to avoid losing your ad accounts.
Whenever you use a completely fresh ad account (i.e., you have a new offer, domain, or market for which you want to use a different ad account), the risk is always higher than it will get blocked.
The Facebook algorithm constantly evaluates completely new accounts, which is much harsher than established accounts with lots of spending history.
One thing you need to avoid at all costs is getting a significant number of blocked ads right away. This can happen even in 100% compliant niches; sometimes, your ad can get rejected for any reason.
If you were to try to launch five ads right away in a new account and configure them to go “active” as soon as the FB review process is done, it increases the risk of the account going down if even 1 or 2 of the ads get rejected.

How to warm up your ad account:

Start with creating one ad. You can submit the ad to be published, but make sure it’s configured as “off.” The FB algorithm will still review an ad even when configured “off.” However, if the ad were to be rejected, the fact that you selected “off” minimizes the chance that the account will get blocked.
Once the first ad is approved, you can duplicate it, change the copy/creative, and submit the 2nd ad for review.
Repeat the process several times for the first 3-5 ads. After reviewing and approving the first five ads, you can increase budgets and slowly become more aggressive with new ad approvals.

Follow this process with any new account to avoid getting blocked.
How to get around account spending issues.
You might have noticed this already. On many occasions, when you create an entirely new account, you’ll have a spending limit ($25 per day, $50 per day, etc) that slowly rises over a few weeks.
This can be incredibly infuriating if you already have a validated offer for your business that you’d like to scale. In these cases, you’re losing money every day because you’re not spending as much as you’d like on an offer that you know will be profitable.
The simplest method to ensure you have no spending limit on a fresh account is to open an agency account. If you’re interested in opening an agency account and would like to learn more about whether you’re eligible and the terms, you can book a time here:
Ad Policy Cheat Sheet: The Secret Niches
Everybody knows specific categories are completely non-compliant and would get your ad account banned faster than you can say “Zuckerberg.”
However, did you know it’s not all “black & white”? There are specific niches that many people think are forbidden, but they are restricted (i.e.It is limited). This means that with the right type of creatives/funnel and strategy, you can run ads successfully(and compliantly) in these niches and with almost no competition.

Financial advice/services
Sex toys
Dating/Relationships (You’d need to apply for approval)

Erotica and freedoms (promote reproductive health rather than sexual pleasure)
Drug and addiction treatment
Medical procedures

When running ads in these niches, it’s essential to take a specific and cautious approach to ensure your ads and funnels comply with Meta advertising standards. If you need more help, contact us.
One key difference between the top advertisers in any niche and the rest is this: Top advertisers stack the odds in their favor. They minimize their chances of being taken out of the game by random technicalities such as ad account bans or other technical issues.
One way you can do this is to open an agency ad account. Agency ad accounts are the highest-tier ad accounts you can get. They are much harder to block, have unlimited spending limits from the start, and get premium support for any issues.

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