How to buy and sell your Pals in Palworld


With considerably over 100 Pals in Palworld, sooner or later you are going to have a lot of them that you can add to your party.

Of these Pals, just as in real life, some you will like, some you will tolerate and some you will wish had stayed at home and not spoiled the night. So what can we do with our burgeoning Pal collection?

Selling and buying Pals

You may not be aware that you can enter the Pal trade and buy and sell the little critters, which comes in handy if you need some gold in your pocket. To do this you will need to find a Small Settlement Pal Merchant or a Black Marketeer, the first of which tends to sell your more common, garden variety Pal, whereas the Black Marketeer, as you may have guessed from his name, is a deal in Pals that are a little more under the counter when it comes to rarity – as we all know you don’t keep your best goods on display for all the riff-raff to ogle.

Where is the Pal Merchant in Palworld?

The Pal Merchant is found in the small settlement northwest of the Plateau of Beginning and Grassy Behemoth Hills. Head to this town and you will find not only the Pal seller inside a house, but a wandering merchant who can sell you some other stuff you might need, assuming you have the gold needed for the transaction you may need to unload a couple of wanted pals here to increase your bank balance.

The Black Marketeer in Palworld

Now on to the shadier Black Marketeer. To get to this chap and all his good stuff you need to head to the Abandoned Mineshidt under the Desolate Church. You can find the church by going south from the cliff, turning northwest and then you should see a mineshaft in the mountain. There.

Head into that mineshaft and you will meet the BNlack Marketeer and his contraband (more expensive for your) Pals


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