How Michael Douglas and Catherine Zeta-Jones Hilariously “Seduce” Their Kids with Fancy Vacations – JP


Michael Douglas and Catherine Zeta-Jones are spilling parenthood secrets.

The couple—who share son Dylan, 23, and daughter Carys, 20—know the trick to getting their adult kids to hang out with them is by taking them on exciting, luxury vacations.

“We’ve got good trips,” Michael said on Today on April 16, before joking, “We seduce them with good places to go.”

However, it’s not only the hot destinations that entice the twenty-somethings to go on family vacations: Michael explained his children genuinely seem to enjoy time with their parents.

“Catherine and I are blessed with the fact that our kids Dylan and Carys still like to travel with us,” he said. “And so we just finished five weeks in India at Christmastime. And we’re always planning next year, what our trips will be and where we’ll go.”

“It’s just a treat,” he added, noting that it was especially gratifying that they don’t have to force Dylan and Carys to spend time with them. As the Wall Street star said to his wife of 23 years, “Catherine, look, they actually want to hang out with us!”

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