HOT TAKES: Newsom Tries to Dunk on DeSantis, Gets Served Up a Delicious Ratio


There are things I think that Republicans may have been divided over, like primary candidates, but there are other issues that virtually all of them could come together on. One of them, as I noted earlier, is that we can all agree that Adam Kinzinger is a shameful whiner who aided Democrats on the disgraceful Jan. 6 Committee and is, happily for all of us, out of office. 

Another is how bad the awful Governor of California, Gavin “Hair Gel’ Newsom, is. 

When Ron DeSantis dropped out on Sunday, you could tell a lot about people by how they reacted. Former President Donald Trump’s response was classy, thanking him for his endorsement and saying he was “honored.” Nikki Haley flashed the victory symbol and acted as though she’d defeated him even though she came in third. But Newsom, who had tried to elevate himself to try to look like a presidential candidate by challenging DeSantis to a debate, showed how small he was. 

Now this is a guy who’s been posturing like a candidate for how long now, and who got uphanded a drubbing by DeSantis during their debate. Yet he doesn’t even have the courage to challenge Joe Biden out in the open; he’s acting like a candidate and hoping I think that they will call him into the game if something happens to Biden or they finally decide to give up on him. He’s everyone’s worst vision of a used car salesman. This guy wants higher office but doesn’t have the class to even begin to know how to act or bring people together. Imagine him thinking he can compete with any Republican governor, given how much he’s harmed his own state. People are fleeing California for Florida which is a big flashing message for how bad he is at his job, but he doesn’t get it because his ego wouldn’t allow him to. 

Newsom got decimated with a ratio of well-deserved hot takes. He’s another example of why it’s so important to beat the Democrats in 2024. 

From our own Leslie McAdoo Gordon: 

Sounds about right. 

Gavin wouldn’t even get into the race to be number two. And speaking of that…

He couldn’t even be bothered to clean up San Francisco until the Communist Chinese made an appearance. So much for his own citizens. 

And this is what this slimy guy has done for citizens to look forward to. 

Maybe Gavin shouldn’t be talking about fire sales? 

Las Vegas News Magazine

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